Are The Undertaker And Kane Brothers In Real Life?

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are kane and the undertaker brothers

Are The Undertaker and Kane brothers in real life? Keep reading to find out and explore their harrowing backstory together, featuring brotherhood, betrayal and even multiple murders and attempted murders.

Very rarely in wrestling have two careers intersected as much as Kane and The Undertaker. Despite The Undertaker making his debut in WWE at Survivor Series 1990, his career has been impacted more by the debut of Kane in 1997 than any other. At Bad Blood 1997 The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels battled inside the first ever Hell in a Cell match.

The pair were having a brutal five star match until the light turned out and the large, imposing red figure of Kane was led down to the ring by Paul Bearer (The Undertaker’s former manager). Kane then ripped the cell’s door off it’s hinges, terrifying the fans in the audience at the immense power of this giant masked in red.

Kane rips off the Hell in a Cell door to attack the Undertaker in his shocking debut

He proceeded to beat down his brother The Undertaker, as had been forecast in the weeks running up to the infamous cell match. He helped Shawn Michaels win the match and the WWE Championship, but kicked off one of the greatest rivalries in the history of wrestling (it has even been named the greatest story in wrestling ever)

The pair battled for 25 years inside the ring, putting on some classic matches that may never be topped in the future. The incredible story mixed with exciting in-ring action by the two near-seven footers made for a spectacle like no other. Both men have gone down in history as the greatest big men of all time and were rightly inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame just one year apart, in 2021 and 2022 respectively.

But are Kane and The Undertaker brothers? How do the pair of monsters stack up in their family and how are the pair related?

Are The Undertaker and Kane Brothers?

Kane and The Undertaker are half brothers. Kane’s father Paul Bear, the former manager of The Undertaker, had an affair with The Undertaker’s mother and she gave birth to Kane nine months later. The Undertaker later intentionally committed arson by burning down his family’s funeral parlour, killing his parents.

However, Paul Bearer and Kane survived the fire but with Kane being scarred greatly by the fire, both physically and mentally. Bearer took the young Demon to a mental asylum where he spent the rest of his childhood, greatly affecting the young man’s psyche.

Bearer soon moulded Kane into his personal soldier, a vicious monster to do his bidding and attack anyone who crossed. After he turned on The Undertaker in 1996, he brought in Kane to face his brother in order to get his revenge on the man who had killed both his own parents.

Kane debuted at Bad Blood 1997 by attacking The Undertaker and starting off their legendary feud. At first The Undertaker refused to fight his younger brother but the two eventually clashed in a number of high profile matches. They battled at Wrestlemania XV and XX and even faced off in a Buried Alive Match in 2010, where Kane put away The Undertaker once and for all in their last ever match against each other.

However, their relationship was not always malicious. The pair eventually settled their differences and became one of the most dominant tag teams ever seen. The Undertaker and Kane were The Brothers of Destruction and became Tag Team Champions at a time when the tag team division in WWE was at it’s peak.

Their careers as rivals as brothers have brought them close together, with one of their last matches ever being at Crown Jewel 2018 when they teamed together to take on D-Generation X (Triple H and Shawn Michaels). However, now both men are retired we can finally answer the question Are The Undertaker and Kane Brothers?

The Pair Are Not Related In Real Life

In real life, The Undertaker and Kane are not real brothers. You would be forgiven thinking so, as wrestling is full of brother-brother tag teams. The Hardy Boys, The Young Bucks and The Steiners are but a few tag teams who are related to each other, but unfortunately Kane and The Undertaker do not fall into that categories.

The Undertaker’s real name is Mark Calaway and he was born in Texas. Meanwhile, Kane is Glenn Jacobs (current mayor of Knox County, Tennessee) and was born in Spain, but grew up in St Louis, Missouri. The pair first worked together in WWE, when The Undertaker was at the top of the card. However, Kane had a number of gimmicks before he became The Devils Favourite Demon, including being “Fake Diesel” and crazed dentist “Dr Isaac Yanken DDS”.

Both men have since retired and been placed into the WWE Hall of Fame. Kane in 2021 with Undertaker following in 2022. However, Kane may still return to the company for big events, like Royal Rumbles and cameo appearance whilst the Undertaker seems to be retired for good.

Real Life Relationship

Despite not being brothers in real life, Kane and The Undertaker have developed a bond in their years travelling together that could be described as being as close as siblings. They have travelled together for nearly 30 years and shared a locker room as the tops stars in the company.

So we’ve answered the question “are The Undertaker and Kane brothers”, with the answer maybe disappointing some. However, they portrayed siblings so well on TV that it did not even matter whether or Let us know in the comments or click below to read about why The Undertaker retired from WWE

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