Charlotte Flair is “Greatest of all Time” Says Ric Flair

Hamish Woodward

Charlotte Flair Greatest Of All Time

Ric Flair has claimed on the latest edition of his To Be The Man podcast that his daughter Charlotte Flair is the greatest of all time. The Nature Boy is considered by many to be the greatest of all time, but he seems to have passed his mantle down to his daughter, who married AEW’s Andrade earlier this year.

Charlotte has been a star in WWE since her debut in 2015 and has barely gone any time between winning her many world championships. Her matches are some of the best female matches in WWE history and she was part of the first ever female Wrestlemania main event, when she faced Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch in the main event of Wrestlemania 35.

Ric Flair says his daughter Charlotte is the best female wrestler of all time, in a huge statement from the two time Hall of Famer. Flair is a 12 time world champion in WWE (14 if you count NXT) and is well on her way to beating her father’s record for the most world championships (he is tied with John Cena on 16).

Absolutely, and probably in the best shape of her life. I think it’s probably a mutual decision between her and the company as to when she comes back. It’ll be I would assume under the perfect circumstance. She’s the best wrestler, she’s the greatest female wrestler of all time.

Flair also thinks Charlotte vs. Belair would be an all-time main event for Wrestlemania and that it could be one of the biggest matches in the WWE. He also notes how their histories both in and out of wrestling could help build the story between the Raw Women’s Champion and “the greatest female wrestler” in history.

Like I said before, to have two legit world-class athletes. I mean, yeah, you could write the story itself. NCAA track star you know, strength, coordination, athleticism. Bianca Belair [vs.] Charlotte flair. It’s a main event in itself.

Charlotte Flair is set to return to WWE soon, and is expected to be part of the War Games match at Survivor Series 2022.

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