Becky Lynch attacks AEW Women’s Division – “They’re Not As Good As We Are”

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becky lynch aew

Becky Lynch’s attack on the AEW Women’s Division caused a huge stir in the world of wrestling

Becky Lynch is one of WWE’s biggest stars and the greatest woman wrestler in WWE history. The girl from Limerick, Ireland grew from being Finn Balor‘s trainee to main eventing Wrestlemania, with a huge amount of hard work (and even a retirement) sandwiched in between.

“The Man” took the wrestling world by storm as she became the most popular wrestler in WWE, man or woman. Becky Lynch became a star in WWE all on her own back with her incredible in-ring performances and character work that inspired WWE fans.

She has since gone on to win multiple WWE Women’s Championships and even become the first woman to main event Wrestlemania (alongside Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair). She has since left WWE to have a baby and returned to win back her Championship, solidifying herself as WWE’s top star and greatest woman wrestler of all time.

However, the WWE legend Becky Lynch has some less-than-popular views on AEW, the main competitor to WWE and the second biggest wrestling company in the United States.

Becky Lynch AEW

becky lynch aew

Becky Lynch will not be moving to AEW in the near future if recent comments on the company are to be believed.

Appearing as a guest on Drew Garabo Live Featured Cut of the Day,¬†Becky Lynch attacked the AEW Women’s Division, claiming that they are “they’re not as good as we are” (referring to the WWE women’s division).

In the interview, Becky Lynch said about AEW;

“I wish I could say ‘yes,’ but, unfortunately, I don’t think they are represented the way we are, they don’t get as much time as we get and frankly, they’re not as good as we are. We have, certainly on Raw, we have the best women’s division in the world. I say that without any hesitation in my voice. We have the best women’s division in the world.”

However, Becky Lynch did later add that she welcomed competition from AEW and wants to see former WWE stars like Ruby Soho succeed in the promotion in the future.

“Competition is great and it’s great for there to be another place and I have a very good friend, Ruby Soho, over there and I would love to see her as champion one day. I would love to see her get the spotlight she deserves. Competition is always great. Over here, we’re on another level.”

However, it was not known whether Becky Lynch’s attack on the AEW women’s division were genuine comments or simply The Man speaking in character, as she has been known to do on interviews.

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