Rob Van Dam on signing for AEW – “I’m not talking to anybody”

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Would you like to see Rob Van Dam in AEW?

Rob Van Dam, or as he is known RVD, is a WWE Hall of Famer and veteran of the Attitude Era. Making his name in ECW during their peak period, he helped carry the company with one of the greatest ECW TV Title reigns of all time.

He later moved to WWE where RVD became one of the top stars in the company. Rob Van Dam’s career peaked when he defeated John Cena at ECW One Night Stand to become both the WWE Champion and ECW Champion.

His run with WWE was cut short when he was caught with drugs and he soon lost his championships and was fired from WWE. He later moved to TNA and also briefly returned to WWE in 2014.

Rumours have been swirling about Rob Van Dam moving to AEW. However, RVD has recently spoken about a potential move to AEW and his answer is one that will shock and surprise fans of All Elite Wrestling.

Rob Van Dam to AEW

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RVD was the most recent guest on Cafe De Rene with Rene Dupree and spoke about what was next on his journey of being a professional wrestler.

The former WWE Champion has wrestled all over the globe and there are few places in which he has yet to wrestle. However, one place he has never hit his famous Five-Star Frog Splash is in AEW, and fans have long theorised that ECW fan Tony Khan would love to bring RVD to AEW.

In the interview with former WWE Superstar Rene Dupree, Rob Van Dam discussed potentially joining AEW and whether he would sign with the promotion.

“I’m not sure if you said WWE or AEW, but the answer be the same on either one. Nobody. I’m not talking to anybody that’s significant. I’m still doin’ some shots I’m still wrestling, you know, but it’s indie stuff now, and usually, it’s people overseas that can they can afford RVD’s rate over the regular running indies.”

Rob Van Dam may have ruled out both WWE and AEW for his next destination, but he shows no sign in giving up his career in wrestling.

RVD is set to return to the ring in Japan by wrestling for Pro Wrestling NOAH. The WWE Hall of Famer is set to work the upcoming NOAH Cyber Fight Festival on June 12, with the event will be held at the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan.

Rob Van Dam’s opponent is yet to be announced but you can see RVD announcing his appearance in the promotion below.

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