JBL on ECW One Night Stand – “If this place riots, I’m the hottest heel in the world”

JBL’s appearance at ECW One Night Stand has become legendary. The former WWE Champion was one of the top heels in WWE during his run with the title in 2005, and at ECW One Night Stand that was no exception.

He was booed out the building that night, but was most remembered for being the victim of Paul Heyman‘s scathing shoot promo, in which the former head of ECW proclaimed that he was only given the WWE Championship “because Triple H didn’t want to work Tuesday (the day Smackdown was filmed)”.

However JBL recently spoke about the original ECW One Night Stand, and his thoughts on the event may differ from what you thought they might be…

JBL on ECW One Night Stand

jbl at ECW One Night Stand

JBL appeared on this week’s “MackMania Podcast,” and spoke about his time in WWE and his opinion on the ECW One Night Stand.

JBL revealed in the podcast that ECW One Night Stand was “so much fun” but added that in WWE, the wrestlers “didn’t watch ECW”.

“That was so much fun. We didn’t watch ECW. It’s not that we didn’t like ECW. We didn’t watch WCW either because we were working every night,”

“It wasn’t like we chose not to watch them. We didn’t have the opportunity. The last thing you’re going to do is VCR something and watch it when you get back home. When you’re on the road all the time, wrestling all the time, the last thing you want to do is watch wrestling when you come home,”

He later went on to talk about the event and how he wanted to cause a riot in the arena, making him the “hottest heel in the world”.

“I heard about the fan base. I heard how passionate they are. That was the first time I got to experience it and it was awesome. I mean, I could have done that every night for the rest of my life.”

It was that much fun. I remember they told me don’t walk through the crowd, and of course the first thing I did was walk through the crowd because I thought if this place riots, and I live through it, I’m the hottest heel in the world. I loved it. That was one of the best nights I ever had.”

JBL went on to become a WWE Hall of Famer in his career, although he wasn’t without his controversies. However, he still cites ECW One Night Stand as one of the favourite moments of his career, despite “not watching” ECW during it’s heyday.

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