Brian Knobbs Is Unrecognisable After Incredible Weight Loss Turns Health Around

Brian Knobbs looks unrecognisable after a huge weight loss following a health scare for the former wrestler became public in social media posts recently.

The former WWE and WCW wrestler was always known for his larger frame during his wrestling days and has been pictured over the years looking incrediblt overweight, leading some to worry about his health.

These worries were founded, as it was reported that the former Tag Team Champion had been battling significant health issues over the years which had led friends and family to be extremely worried about him. Last August, stomach pains turned serious when he was rushed to the emergency room and needed urgent care from medical professionals. Doctors expressed concern over his health, requiring Knobbs to spend months in the hospital and lose a significant amount of weight just to have any chance of getting better.

It was also revealed that he required surgery on his “good knee” if he ever had a chance of walking again, once he got out of hospital. The 58 year old was in a world of trouble and a lifetime of travelling hard and partying harder alongside his fellow wrestlers had finally taken it’s toll on Brian Knobbs.

Eric Bischoff confirmed that the situation was “much more serious” than first thought and a “very, very serious situation” Bischoff remained close with Brian Knobbs after the pairs stints together in WCW and TNA and is invested in helping his friend get better.

A GoFundMe was set up to raise funds to help pay for his treatment, which totalled $20,000. Fans and wrestlers dug deep and impressively managed to raise the whole amount of funds to help pay for the legends treatment.

And it seems to have worked! Brian Knobbs looked in better shape than he has in 30 years when he was pictured recently in his friend Hulk Hogan’s beach shop. He and Hulk Hogan were pictured together in Clearwater, Florida, where they both currently reside. Knobbs also spent some time at Hogan’s shop last week and participated in autograph signings for fans and was pictures singing karaoke with Hulk Hogan as part of a birthday celebration.

Brian Knobbs and Hulk Hogan pictured at Hogan’s Beach Shop in Florida

Brian Knobbs friend Fred Jung, the man who set up the GoFundMe for Knobbs, posted on Facebook about Knobbs road to recovery. He revealed that the tag team legend lost 60 pounds on his road to recovery and posted a picture of him with WWE legend Ric Flair (who recently had his last match at the age of 73), with the accompanying text;

“Nothing better to lift your spirits and get you even more motivated than a visit from one of your closest friends, the Nature Boy, Ric Flair.

“True friendship isn’t about being there when it’s convenient; it’s about being there when it’s not.

Brian is on the fast track to recovery. Losing over 60 lb and rehabbing every day. Having the emotional and financial support from all of his family, friends and fans has been a huge motivator in his road to recovery. Although Brian still has a rocky road ahead of him he is determined to get back out there stronger and better than ever. We are very close to reaching Brian’s GoFundMe goal your continued support is truly appreciated. Brian’s sincere thanks to everyone for all the love and support.”

Brian Knobbs appeared with friend Hulk Hogan on “Hogan Knows Best”

Brian Knobbs and Hulk Hogan have always been friends, going back to their days together in the WWE and later in WCW. Knobbs revealed in an interview with The Hannibal TV that his friendship with Hogan grew when The Hulkster made the jump from WWE to WCW and they have remained firm friends ever since.

Brian Knobbs has since become one of Hulk Hogan’s best friends, joining the former WWE and WCW Champion in TNA in 2010. Knobbs, alongside fellow Nasty Boys member Jerry Sags, made their debut on the January 4th, 2010 edition of TNA Impact by trashing Team 3-Ds dressing room in their maiden appearance. It was the first ever TNA Impact live on Monday Nights, as Hogan tried to get the promotion to go head to head with WWE.

While the Nasty Boys did not last long in TNA, Brian Knobbs still found himself a regular on TV. Not on a wrestling show, but on the Hulk Hogan-led reality show Hogan Knows Best. Brian Knobbs made regular appearance on the show, turning up to the Hogan household multiple times to see his friend Hulk, and also took part in the spinoff Brooke Knows Best, which was based upon Hogan’s daughter Brooke and her attempt to break into the music business.

Brian Knobbs has since retired from wrestling, with his last match taking place in 2019. He teamed with Jerry Saggs as The Nasty Boys and Jacob Fatu in a six-man tag team match against  The Dirty Blondes (Leo Brien & Mike Patrick) & Drew Sipilia. Brian Knobbs team were victorious in the match in the LOW event.

While Brian Knobbs last match in 2019 was a low-key affair, did you know that Hulk Hogan’s last match came much sooner than you may remember? Click below to learn more about that or let us know in the comments your favourite Nasty Boys moment.

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