How To Unlock All Characters In Mario Kart Wii Guide

Ever wanted to know how to unlock all the characters in Mario Kart Wii? Keep reading this guide to find out exactly how to unlock the fastest characters, like Funky Kong, Petey Piranha and more classic Mario Kart Wii characters!

Mario Kart Wii offers one of the widest ranges of characters ever seen in a Mario Kart game. The base game starts off with 12 characters off the bat, with a further 14 more unlockable characters available through various means by playing the game. Each character has a different method of unlocking them and this guide will give you step by step instructions on unlocking every Mario Kart Wii character.

Becoming Grand Prix Champion, challenging the staff ghost data and earning stars are all ways you can get as many of the new characters as possible. With each new character comes new possibilities, with additional kart and character combinations making Mario Kart Wii one of the most in depth and fun games in the entire franchise.

Keep reading this article to find out how to unlock all the characters in Mario Kart Wii.

How To Unlock All Characters In Mario Kart Wii

Mario Kart Wii has 14 unlockable characters than can be uncovered in the game. This gives you a grand total of 26 characters to mix-and-match with the various karts in the game. See below for the various characters and how to unlock them in Mario Kart Wii.

  • Baby Daisy – Earn a 1-star rank in all 50cc Grand Prix Cups.
  • Baby Luigi – Unlock eight expert staff ghosts in Time Trials
  • Birdo – Defeat 250 people in online races or unlock 16 fast staff ghosts (whichever comes first)
  • Bowser Jr. – Earn a 1-star rank or higher in every single 100cc Retro Cup (Grand Prix Mode)
  • Daisy – Win the 150cc Special Cup. (Grand Prix Mode)
  • Diddy Kong – Win the 50cc Lightning Cup. (Grand Prix Mode)
  • Dry Bones – Win the 100cc Leaf Cup. (Grand Prix Mode)
  • Dry Bowser – Earn a 1-star in every single 150cc Wii Grand Prix Cup.
  • Funky Kong – Unlock four expert staff ghost data records in Time Trial mode.
  • King Boo – Win the 50cc Star Cup. (Grand Prix Mode)
  • Mii (Outfit A) – Win the 100cc Special Cup. (Grand Prix Mode)
  • Mii (Outfit B) – Unlock all 32 fast staff data
  • Rosalina – Complete all 150cc mirror Wii Grand Prix cups with a 1-star rank or higher (Alternatively, Rosaline will unlock if you have saved data for Mario Galaxy on the same Wii you play Mario Kart Wii on)
  • Toadette – Play Time Trial mode on all thirty-two courses.

Rosalina is a unique unlockable in Mario Kart 8. Like some other characters, she has more than one way to unlock her. The first way makes her one of the hardest characters to unlock in the game, gaining a 1-star rank on 150cc (the hardest non-mirror mode cup on the game) for every Grand Prix on the game.

However, there is a much easier way to get her on your roster of drivers. If you own a copy of Mario Galaxy (or borrow a copy from a friend/video game rental store), and have saved data for the game on your Wii (the same Wii you play Mario Kart Wii on) then you will automatically unlock Rosalina as a playable character after taking part in 50 races. This is an Easter Egg, as Rosalina made her debut in Mario Galaxy and has been a recurring character in the series ever since.

Funky Kong is considered the best character to race as on Mario Kart Wii. He is unlocked by unlocking four expert staff ghosts in Time Trial, no easy feat as you need to get a great time trial time on four of the courses in Mario Kart Wii. He is often used online by players due to his high speed stat and is seen as the fastest character on the game.

This is how to unlock every character in Mario Kart Wii. Let us know what you thought of our guide and tell us what other Mario Kart guides you’d like to see in the future.

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