Kane’s Last Match In WWE Saved Him From Extreme Embarrasment

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Kane Last Match

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WWE Hall of Famer Kane has recently announced his retirement from the squared circle. The legendary brother of The Undertaker announced in an interview on The Right View with Lara Trump that he could not longer take a bump in the ring, ending a 30 year in-ring career in WWE which saw countless incredible moments.

His feud with The Undertaker was legendary and has been spoken about as the greatest story ever told in wrestling. He battled his (kayfabe) brother twice at Wrestlemania, losing on both occasions. However, he helped to literally murder his brother twice, first helping Mr McMahon defeat him in a buried alive match in 2003 then finishing the job himself in 2010.

He also became an accomplished tag team wrestler. He won the tag team championships on multiple occasions and with multiple partners, teaming with WWE superstars like The Undertaker, Big Show, X-Pac and Daniel Bryan. His legacy as a tag team wrestler almost eclipses his status as a main event singles star, although his resume in that includes two world championship reigns.

From his first match to his last match Kane always gave his all and put on a display befitting of any aspiring monster in WWE. He ranks only behind The Undertaker in longevity in WWE and holds a host of records that may never be broken in the history of the company.

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Kane’s Last Match in WWE

Kane’s last match in WWE was the 2021 Royal Rumble, where he entered at number 18 in his big to main event Wrestlemania 37. He eliminated both Dolph Ziggler and Ricochet in an impressive performance, but was eliminated by Damian Priest in under 2 minutes and thrown out of the match.

This was his first match (not counting winning the 24/7 Championship as “Glenn Jacobs”) in almost 3 years. Before his last match, Kane wrestled alongside his brother The Undertaker to take on Shawn Michaels and Triple H (Also known as D-Generation X) at WWE’s Saudi Arabia show, Crown Jewel 2018. In this match, all four men performed poorly as the match was voted one of the worst WWE matches of all time.

During one of Kane’s last matches, he lost his mask during a scuffle with Shawn Michaels. Meanwhile, Triple H suffered a torn pectoral muscle, meaning the match had to be carried by the long-retired Shawn Michaels, stepping into the ring for the first time in 8 years. It was a good thing this was not Kane’s last match, as it would have been a horrible way to remember such an iconic legend of the ring.

With his subsequent appearance in the Royal Rumble, it saved Kane from the extreme embarrassment from having his final match being one of the lowest rated WWE matches of all time.

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