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brock lesnar best matches

Which match do you think is the best Brock Lesnar match of all time?

There are few, if any, wrestlers in the history of WWE to have made such an impact in the world of wrestling than “The Beast Incarnate” Brock Lesnar.

From his debut in 2002 to 20 years later and counting, Brock Lesnar has been an unstoppable force with some of the most dominant and best matches in WWE history. He will go down as one of the greatest WWE superstars of all time, being up there with the likes of Undertaker, The Rock and John Cena.

While some of his later matches have been described as “lazy” or “uninspired”, nobody can deny that Brock Lesnar is not one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. He manages to make wrestling real and believable, which he did especially when he dismantled John Cena and at Summerslam 2014 in one of the greatest squash matches in WWE history.

Even with how historic that match was, even that did not make the list of Brock Lesnar’s best matches. His greatest bouts in the list below have been hand picked as the greatest matches in his WWE career and would have no trouble making it onto any wrestlers greatest bout list.

Keep reading to find out the top 10 best Brock Lesnar matches of all time. If we missed out any of your favourites then yet us know in the comments and tell us your favourite Brock Lesnar match of all time.

Brock Lesnar’s Best Matches

10. vs AJ Styles – Survivor Series 2017

Just before Survivor Series, AJ Styles defeat Jinder Mahal to win the WWE Championship. This set up a huge Champion vs Champion match at Survivor Series 2017, pitting Brock Lesnar against The Phenomenal One in one of both men’s best matches of their career.

The match was much hyped as a potential classic match, and it lived up to every expectation. Lesnar dominated with suplex, but Styles picked his spots and managed to counter by targeting Lesnar’s leg. He almost got the beast to tap out with the Calf Crusher before The Beast smashed his head repeatedly into the mat, one of the best visuals of 2017 in WWE.

It was the perfect David vs Goliath match and was one of the matches of the year. It belongs on the list of the best Brock Lesnar matches, but only ranks in at number ten.

Rating on Cagematch – 8.66

Dave Meltzer Star Rating – 4.25 Stars

9. vs Daniel Bryan – Survivor Series 2018

Brock Lesnar vs Daniel Bryan

Another last minute change for Survivor Series for Lesnar came in 2018, where Daniel Bryan beat AJ Styles the week before to book a match against Brock Lesnar. The two world champions (Lesnar held the Universal Championship all the way from 2017 to 2018) fought in a match that surpassed the year prior by telling a similar story, just that little bit better.

The first half had Daniel Bryan being dominated by Brock Lesnar. However, a well timed nut shot put him in control, and he showed an aggression and technical domination that Lesnar had never seen before. Despite dwarfing Daniel Bryan, there were many times where Bryan looked sure to win the match, almost pinning Lesnar with the “Solid Knee +” and making him tap out with the “Yes Lock”.

Lesnar’s power and strength would b e too much in the end for Bryan, but the pair put on a match of the year candidate at Survivor Series and made fans truly believe that Daniel Bryan could beat Brock Lesnar.

Rating on Cagematch – 8.68

Dave Meltzer Star Rating – 4.5 Stars

8. vs Roman Reigns (& Seth Rollins) – Wrestlemania 31

The ending of this match made it one of the best matches in the long career of Brock Lesnar, with the singles main event of Wrestlemania 31 turned into an impromptu Triple Threat with the addition of Seth Rollins. Rollins cashed in his Money in the Bank contract in spectacular fashion, interrupting the Lesnar vs Reigns match and winning his first of many WWE Championships.

Before the cash in, Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns had a hard hitting, no frills match that kept the crowd engaged and made Lesnar look like a Beast. While it may not have ranked as highly without the cash in, it was still a solid match beforehand and would have been the best singles match the pair had between them over the years.

Rating on Cagematch – 8.75

Dave Meltzer Star Rating – 4.5 Stars

7. vs Braun Strowman, Samoa Joe and Roman Reigns – Summerslam 2017

A fatal 4 way match at Summerslam 2017 continued Lesnar’s run of great matches at the event, where he retained his Universal Championship in somewhat controversial circumstances. Fans were sure it was Braun Strowman’s time to be champion and many were perplexed that Lesnar walked out the event as the champion.

Nevertheless, the match featured excellent action and was one of the best matches of Brock Lesnar’s career. It was a classic Hoss match, with 4 big strong men battling it out with some great action for the top prize in WWE. All four guys gave it everything they had and put on one of the best PPV main events of the decade.

Rating on Cagematch – 8.77

Dave Meltzer Star Rating – 4.75 Stars

6. vs John Cena – Extreme Rules 2012

His return match in 2012 against John Cena drew some controversy but was still one of Brock Lesnar’s best matches. The pair faced off in an extreme rules match for Lesnar’s first bout in 8 years and it was everything the fans could have wished for.

Brutality, violence and excellent pro-wrestling made this match a must-see. However, the ending brought the match rating down as John Cena beat Lesnar, before cutting a promo saying he would be gone for a while. He then turned up on Raw the next night, completely no selling the bloody beatdown from the night before and making Lesnar look a bit of a chump upon the UFC Champion’s return to WWE.

Rating on Cagematch – 8.77

Dave Meltzer Star Rating – 4.5 Stars

5. vs The Undertaker – No Mercy 2002

While they had many classic matches, it was the Brock Lesnar vs Undertaker match at No Mercy 2002 which made it to number 5 on this list. Both men can stake claims to having one of the greatest matches of their careers with each other, but it was when they first stepped inside Hell in a Cell that they truly made magic with one another.

It was a slow and bloody epic that was rife with psychology. The Undertaker had a broken hand, and used the cast as a weapon to bust open Lesnar and torture him with brutal punches. Brock Lesnar even showed fear towards ‘Taker, something he seldom did during his career.

It was an epic that needs to be seen to be believed and is rightfully high on the list of the greatest Brock Lesnar bouts of all time.

Rating on Cagematch – 9.01

Dave Meltzer Star Rating – 4 Stars

4. vs Eddie Guerrero – No Way Out 2004

The last great match of Brock Lesnar’s first WWE run saw Eddie Guerrero finally be coronated as WWE Champion. Guerrero finally achieved his dream of being world champion in WWE, playing the ultimate babyface who lies, cheats and steals his way to victory by taking down Brock Lesnar in one of the best matches of either men’s career.

As many of Brock Lesnar’s best matches are, this match was a true David vs Goliath story. Guerrero fought valiantly and had to cheat to win, DDTing Lesnar onto the title belt before hitting him with a Frog Splash to win his first (and only) WWE Championship.

Lesnar would leave WWE just two months later, whilst just a year after Eddie Guerrero would pass away due to heart problems.

Rating on Cagematch – 9.03

Dave Meltzer Star Rating – 4 Stars

3. vs Kurt Angle (Iron Man Match) – Smackdown 2003

One of the few 60 minute Iron Man matches in WWE history ranks highly on Brock Lesnar’s greatest fights. The Beast, during his first run in WWE, battled Kurt Angle multiple times during the pairs Smackdown feud over the WWE Championship with their Iron Man match being the pick of the bunch.

A 60 minute match with good character work and compelling in-ring action which isn’t exactly an easy task to accomplish. However, both men brought it all (and incredible cardio too) to keep the fans entertained for 60 minutes as they wrestled their hearts out in one of the best WWE matches of all time.

Brilliant character work by Lesnar and Angle mixed with some of the best in-ring action and the tension of the clock ticking down from 60 minutes to 0 made this match the third best Brock Lesnar match in his career and was a huge miss by Dave Meltzer by not awarding it 5 stars.

Rating on Cagematch – 9.23

Dave Meltzer Star Rating – 4.25 Stars

2. vs Seth Rollins and John Cena – Royal Rumble 2015

brock lesnar best matches
Brock Lesnar suplexes John Cena during the triple threat match with Seth Rollins at Royal Rumble 2015 (Credit:

In my view, this match is the best triple threat match of all time.

Coming in second on Brock Lesnar’s best matches is his 2015 WWE Championship bout against John Cena and Seth Rollins.

He had held the belt since Summerslam 2014 after he squashed John Cena to win the WWE Championship. Cena had faced him already for the belt (and lost), whereas both men were locked in heated feuds with Mr Money in the Bank Seth Rollins.

The triple threat at the 2015 Royal Rumble is unmatched in quality, as three of the best workers of all time gave their all in a nonstop and original match that wowed fans before a horrible Royal Rumble match. Whilst it may be rated higher due to comparisons to that, it is still a fantastic match and very unlucky to not be top of this list.

Rating on Cagematch – 9.28

Dave Meltzer Star Rating – 4.75 Stars

1. vs CM Punk – Summerslam 2013

The best match in Brock Lesnar’s WWE career has to be his clash with CM Punk at Summerslam 2013. CM Punk and Brock Lesnar was a feud months in the making, after Paul Heyman betrayed CM Punk and sided with Lesnar at the 2013 Money in the Bank pay per view.

The mocked, belittled and beat up Punk en route to Summerslam. CM Punk was not having his best year in WWE, with losses to The Rock, John Cena and The Undertaker weighing heavy on his shoulders. He had something deep to prove to the fans and himself after missing out on the Wrestlemania 29 main event to Rock vs Cena II.

This was a classic grudge between a clear good guy and bad guy. CM Punk but on one of the great wrestling performances, not stopping for breath as he used all his cunning and speed to chop down the Beast, while Lesnar tried to overpower his smaller competitor.

The two stars styles meshed perfectly and it created absolute magic. The match outperformed even Daniel Bryan vs John Cena at that years event and despite the dodgy ending, is one of the best WWE matches of all time.

Rating on Cagematch – 9.38

Dave Meltzer Star Rating – 4.5 Stars

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