Chris Jericho says Hulk Hogan “Was A Great Worker At All Times”

Hamish Woodward


Chris Jericho has taken to Twitter to call WWE Legend Hulk Hogan a “Great Worker” after a clip of him wrestling in Japan has come to light. The video, originally posted by “Vintage Puroresu プロレ” showcased Hulk Hogan vs Genichiro Tenryu in Super World of Sports in 1991. This was during the end of his run in the WWF and showcased a side of Hogan those in the United States would never have seen before.

The clip showed Hogan vs Tenryu doing some chain wrestling that would not look out of place in a modern cruiserweight match. It showed Hogan locking in a armbar on his opponent, and doing some brilliant look leg takedowns during the course of the match.

It showcased a skill of Hogan most had never seen. In the United States he wrestled fairly basic matches, with power moves, punches and kicks being the height of his arsenal. He usually wrestled a boring style of match that made him famous, where he would be beat up for the bulk of the bout before “Hulking Up” and hitting comeback for the win. A big boot and leg drop finished the matches and earned him multiple WWE and WCW Championships in his career.

Chris Jericho, who worked with Hogan in WWE and WCW, commented on the clip that recently resurfaced. He remarked on the quality of the match on show, calling it “amazing”. He also noted that Hogan was a “great worker”, despite the reputation he may have had over the past 30 years in the United States.

In my Tweet, Chris Jericho said about Hulk Hogan

“Wow that’s amazing !! @HulkHogan was a great worker at all times.”

Chris Jericho was critical of Hogan in WCW, but later made up with as the pair worked together multiple times in Jericho’s first run in the WWE. They fought for Hogan’s Undisputed Championship in 2002, during the Hulksters final run as WWE Champion in the company.

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