Why Is Chris Jericho A Vikings Fan?

In what may surprise many fans of both NFL and AEW/WWE, but Canadian Star Chris Jericho is actually a Minnesota Vikings fan. While Brock Lesnar is the most famous wrestler who supports the Vikings, the former WWE is the surprise pick for WWE wrestlers who take them as their team.

Jericho is famously a fan of the New York Devils Hockey Team – His father Ted Irvine is a legend in the city and one of the teams all time greats – but he has famously kept quiet about his NFL affiliation. He was previously not considered to be a football fan in the past, having grown up in Canada playing hockey as a young child. He never made it professionally but did manage to play alongside (and fight) his father during a celebrity match for charity).

The former AEW Champion revealed on Twitter that he was a Minnesota Vikings fan. He stated “The fam that @Vikings together, stays together! What a game! Shout out to @stefondiggs for the finish of a lifetime!”, revealing that he the family of Jericho are all ardent supports of the Vikings.

Chris Jericho started supporting the Minnesota Vikings because of his wife, who is a native of Minnesota. He had taken the team to heart and now supports them as a family. Given how much the family must support him on his endeavours in wrestling and music, I’m sure it’s the least he could do.

With the Tweet , he posted a photo of the whole Jericho family decked out in full Vikings gear. You can see that photo below.

The Vikings even messaged Chris Jericho online, claiming they would not lose in front of him.

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