Lance Storm Reveals If He’s Related To Toni Storm

Toni Storm is one of the top women wrestlers in the United States. The New Zealand born star is currently the AEW Women’s Champion and is set to defend her title against Jamie Hayter at AEW Full Gear 2022. She signed for the company after her release from WWE earlier this yes, a huge mistake by Triple H as she is now one of the biggest female stars in wrestling.

However, due to her last name, many fans have wondered whether or not she is shares any relation to former WCW wrestler Lance Storm. Whether Toni Storm is related to Lance Storm is a hot topic and one that has entertained fans online for a while.

However, Lance Storm has hilariously and sarcastic responded to a fan asking that same question, shutting down any more speculation on the matter. When asked “Is Toni Storm related to you?”, the former teammate of Chris Jericho dryly retorted:

“Pretty sure you legally have to be to use the same name in wrestling.”. This comment sacrcastly referenced the fact that his real name is NOT Lance Storm and instead a stage name. Many wrestlers are known professionally under a different name, as it can lend to their characters better than their real names.

In fact, neither Lance Storm now Toni Storm is either stars real name. Toni Storm was born Toni Rossall, while Lance Storm was give the name Lance Evers. Given their last names differ, it seems obvious that the pair are not related.

Another thing to note is where each one is from. With Lance Storm being from Canada, having family in New Zealand (where Toni Storm is from) seems very unlikely.

Toni Storm is not related to Lance Storm in any way, and the only way they are linked is through their careers in professional wrestling. Toni Storm is in AEW, the same company as Chris Jericho. The Ocho used to wrestle with Lance Storm, the pair learning to wrestle at the same school before teaming together as “The Thrillseekers”.

Toni Storm wresltes for AEW but also posts regularly on OnlyFans as a side hustle. The former NXT UK Women’s Champion set up her page after her release from WWE this year, and stands to make thousands and thousands of dollars from fans who want to see her content on the platform.

According to Storm, the content posted onto is “not porn” but is much more risque than anything she posts on Instagram.

“Well it’s not exactly porn, what I am doing. I think you’ve got the wrong idea. Yeah, I don’t do porn. I take sexy photos and post them at a price, that’s all I do. Not porn, not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s not what I do. Not so much crazy hardcore scenes or anything in that nature. But I like to take a lot of photos and share them with my fans. Not that there’s anything wrong with being a porn star, but I don’t do porn.”

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