Cody Hall on Scott Hall and Being A Second Generation Star

Cody Hall is the son of the late WWE Legend Scott Hall. Hall passed away earlier this years after a lifelong battle with alcohol, leaving the wrestling world in shock after his death.

He left his son Cody Hall, a professional wrestler in his own right, with the weight of his legacy on his shoulders which was something he always felt the pressure of an negatively affected his perception of himself and his career.

In a recent podcast interview with Chris Van Vilet, Cody Hall discussed how the pressure of being Scott Hall’s son gave him a “inferiority complex” and was a struggle for him as he was trying to forge his own path in wrestling

“Every show I go to, people want to come up and say such-and-such about my father, he was the coolest or the best. You know, that’s hard to live down, it’s definitely hard to over-shine him or step out of that shadow.”

“So I always had a big inferiority complex about it, like no matter what I did, I never felt good enough. No matter what I did, people would never really acknowledge it, it was always just about my father. So that was definitely a struggle for me, and it kind of still is.”

Cody Hall as part of the Bullet Club in NJPW

Cody Hall is most famous for being a part of the Bullet Club stable in New Japan Pro Wrestling. He wrestled alongside AEW stars like The Young Bucks, Adam Page and Kenny Omega as well as WWE star Cody Rhodes. Being 6 foot 9 inches tall and the son of Scott Hall, he seemed to have the potential to become a huge name in the business and carry on his father.

However, attitude problems and a lack of progression in the ring cost him his role in NJPW and he was soon released from his deal. Now 30 years old, he looks to progress his career and try to turn it around and make his father proud.

In 2019, Cody Hall was called out on Twitter by former AEW star Joey Janela for not making the most out of his position in New Japan.

In a Twitter, Janela said to Hall “Dude you’re 28, 6’9 and the son of Scott Hall and you’re not signed anywhere nor get any notable independent dates…. Get your fucking act together Chico…”

Since the death of Scott Hall, Cody has seemed to have wanted to focus more on his career and looks to have taken this criticism to hear.

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