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Hamish Woodward


Rey Mysterio Unmasked In WCW For The Most Ridiculous Reason

Rey Mysterio‘s mask is one of the most iconic images in professional wrestling. Just by catching a glimpse of his colourful mask and his eyes underneath, you know exactly who you’re watching and what he is about to do. It’s iconic, colorful for the kids and fully customizable, leading to some special costumes he has ...

Hamish Woodward

10 Best Wrestlers Who Never Won The WWE Championship

There is nothing more prestigious than a World Championship. To paraphrase the great Super Shredder, also known as Kevin Nash, the only things real in the wrestling business are your first World Championship and going in the Hall of Fame. Whilst all the different promotions can boast their own World Championships, in history one has ...

Hamish Woodward

The DX vs NWO Feud That Almost Happened In 2006

The Attitude Era is one of the most exciting times in wrestling history. Since Hulk Hogan signed for WCW in 1993, to the company folding in 2001, the battle between WWE and WCW was one of the most heated of all time. Wrestlers jumped from company to company, as each company tried their best to ...

Hamish Woodward

Why Did Kevin Nash & Scott Hall Leave WWE To Join WCW?

Kevin Nash and Scott Hall left the WWE in 1996 and promptly signed for World Championship Wrestling. Their debut in WCW was one of the biggest in wrestling history and kicked off the biggest war in professional wrestling history – the Monday Night Wars. Without Hall and Nash jumping ship, there would have been no ...

Hamish Woodward


Explaining How Surfer Sting Changed To “The Crow” In WCW

Did you know that Surfer Sting was the look that Sting had before becoming “Crow Sting” in 1996? AEW’s Sting is one of the most legendary wrestlers of all time. He has wrestled in 5 decades and for every major company in North America. Now, aged 62, he still wrestles regularly alongside the likes of ...

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