Scott Hall Gave A Sick Child His Intercontinental Championship and Made Vince Furious

Hamish Woodward

WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall famously handed over his WWE Intercontinental to a pair of children suffering with fatal illnesses, in one of the most heartwarming moments in wrestling history.

This was just one of the incredible moments in Scott Hall (also known as Razor Ramon)’s career, that saw him wrestle for WWE, WCW and TNA.

Sadly, Scott Hall passed away in 2022, and is remembered fondly not just for his work in the ring, but his incredibly generosity outside of it.

Scott Hall Gave His Intercontinental Championship To Some Sick Children

Two-time WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall won the Intercontinental Champion four times in his WWE career, holding the belt during one famous appearance in 1986.

In 1986, Scott Hall appeared as his “Razor Ramon” gimmick on an episode of “The Jerry Springer Show”.

The future NWO founder appeared on the show to greet two young WWE fans who would have their lives changed forever that day.

Scott Hall met Hydeia Broadbent and Tyler Small. on the Jerry Spring Show, after learning that the pair were both suffering from HIV/AIDS. In the 1980s, there was great uncertainty about the illness, and nobody knew how long these children even had left to live at that point.

Tyler Small names Razor Ramon as his favorite WWE Superstar in the interview, with Jerry Springer claiming that Ramon would come “to help” the young man if he needed help.

Then, Jerry introduced Scott Hall, in his full wrestling gear, leather vest and chains, to meet the young children on stage.

He brought with him his WWE Intercontinental Championship belt, as well as some chains and t-shirts for the children. Scott Hall even kissed Hydeia on the head, something that was a big deal at the time due to the unknown quantity that AIDS was in 1986.

Scott Hall joined them on the stage, and told the children that “Where I come from, it ain’t how many times you go down, it’s how many times you get up. You ain’t beat ’til you quit”, before adding “If you don’t quit, you’ll never lose – keep fighting”.

They were then sent to a break, which is where Scott Hall had to leave to wrestle later that night for the WWE.

However, Scott Hall spoke to Jerry Springer and told him he wanted to give the child his title belt. He offered the children an all-expenses paid trip to WrestleMania, before giving Tyler Small his WWE Intercontinental Championship belt, in an incredibly touching moment.

Scott Hall spoke about this moment in a YouShoot interview, revealing all the details about how he gave his Intercontinental Championship away to a child with AIDS.

I went out there and I was so moved. Then they cut to a break, and I had to go! I said to Jerry “I’m gonna give the kid my belt [the WWE Intercontinental Championship] and he went “Oh we gotta did this on the air”.

I said “no, it doesn’t have to be on the air, i just want to give the kid my belt”, and he said “No, we wanna do it”.

And this was before replica belts – I gave the kid the “shoot” belt I was going to wear in LA. Then I had to call the office and speak to Vince.

“Vince, please make sure there’s an IC Belt in LA”,

Vince said “What happen, you lose it?” “I gave it to this kid – he was dying of AIDS man. If it’s a problem, I’ll pay for it”.

“Oh no, absolutely not – you did the right thing, good job!”

I learned early on that you can always shame the money guy.

Scott Hall on giving his title belt away.

He revealed in the same interview that he remained friends with Hydeia up until his death, while the WWE spoke to both children in an interview in 2016.

The Children Scott Hall Gave The Intercontinental Championship Lived A Long Life

In an interview with in 2016, the new Intercontinental Champion Tyler Small revealed that he was still living with AIDS, having survived the illness for over 30-years since the TV appearance on Jerry Springer.

He revealed he has three children, all of whom were negative for AIDS, with one son even becoming a big fan of pro wrestling.

Tyler also spoke about taking up Scott Hall on his offer to visit him at WrestleMania, revealing he hung out with Razor Ramon in a “life-changing experience”.

“We ended up going to one of the WrestleManias, I believe it was in California, after that, and the family got to meet the wrestlers and hang out with Razor Ramon,” Tyler said. “It was definitely a life-changing experience. He gave me the title and I brought it right home and showed all my friends. All the people around town came home to see it and I would let them hold it. They would say, “You’re so lucky!”

Meanwhile, Hydeai gave Scott Hall credit for helping shift public support for HIV/AIDS in 1986, noting how big a step it was for him to come out in support of the illness during this time.

“I think having the support of a public figure that was a big part of such a huge organization set a tone for people to really take the time to educate themselves about HIV/AIDS and to show compassion themselves, especially towards youths. That was really a big step and it was a great move by Razor Ramon for coming out and doing that.

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