Kevin Nash reveals hilarious first time travelling with Scott Hall

Kevin Nash and Scott Hall are two of the biggest stars in wrestling history, as well as being two of the best friends in the business you could find. They were both big stars in the WWF as Razor Ramon (Hall) and Diesel (Nash), with Scott being a former Intercontinental Champion and Kevin Nash a former WWE Champion.

The pair then jumped ship to WCW in 1996, in one of the most shocking moments in wrestling. The sight of Scott Hall interrupting WCW Nitro by walking through the crowd and grabbing a microphone DURING a match is an image that last long in the memory.

Nash joined soon after, with the pair forming a tag team called The Outsiders. Under their real names, the pair made the fans think that it was real and they were WWE agents coming in to take down WCW from inside. They were later taken to court by Vince McMahon over this, and had to admit on air that they were not WWE talents.

Scott Hall with the NWO in WCW
Scott Hall with the rest of the NWO in WCW

They were later joined by Hulk Hogan at Bash at the Beach 1996 in one of the most shocking heel turns of all time. The trio formed the New World Order, with Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Hollywood Hogan forming the most formidable trio in wrestling history.

While the NWO went on too long and diluted it’s brand by signing too many wrestlers to it, it remains to this day the most legendary faction of all time. Scott Hall and Kevin Nash were huge parts of this, with their influence on wrestling being felt to this day.

However, the tale of Kevin Nash and Scott Hall’s friendship does not start in 1996. Their story stars in 1991 during the pairs’ first stint in WCW…

Kevin Nash and Scott Hall

Scott Hall and Kevin Nash in WCW as part of the NWO

On his new podcast “Kliq This” alongside Sean Oliver, Kevin Nash spoke at length about the memories of his late friend Scott Hall and how he passed away earlier this year. One tale he regaled listeners with was the story about the first time Hall and Nash travelled together and the hilarious prank that Hall tried to play on Big Daddy Cool.

In the podcast, Kevin Nash spoke about the first time the pair drove together. It was during their time together in World Championship Wrestling in 1991, although both men were under different names. Scott Hall was part of Diamond Dallas Page’s stable The Diamond Mine, whilst Kevin Nash was stuck playing a “Wizard of Oz” type character, fittingly named Oz.

“Scott, and I started traveling together in 1991 whenever Diamond Stud and Oz were both on that super. Whatever the hell that thing was from St. Petersburg, it was 1991 that we and we started driving. I had a Cadillac, Centerville Cadillac and I picked up Scott when we went to Macon TV shortly.”

“That I think was like the week after that, that pay per view and we went to making TV together. That was the infamous time where he was driving down, and back then it was funny ’cause me and him both used to wear those bike coaching shorts that the coaches used to wear. Remember those things?”

“Yeah, because they’re high-waisted and because they were great because you could wear them, but you could train in them too. You know, you get a couple of days wear back then when you could get three days out of a them. So we’re going down to Macon, and he reaches, he says ‘mind if I change the the the radio.'”

“I said no, and he reaches across and changed the radio, then rubs his hand across my knee. And he does like two or three times, and I’m thinking like the f***, I looked over him, he just busted out laughing, said ‘You’re just going to let me go all the way?’ and I said ‘Dude, I was about to pull the car over!”

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Kliq This with a h/t to Atletifo for the transcription.

Scott Hall was trying to freak out his future NWO partner by pretending to come onto him, but Kevin Nash called his bluff. The pair laughed about it, both insinuating they would be up for that kind of relationship despite both knowing the other was straight.

Kevin Nash and Scott Hall had a number of incredible moments in wrestling in their career, most notably as part of the New World Order alongside Hulk Hogan. That trio of legends took part in one of the best WCW matches of all time, which you can read about by click the link below.

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