Cody Rhodes suffers serious injury before WWE Hell in a Cell

Cody Rhodes has suffered an injury and could miss WWE’s Hell in a Cell Pay per view tonight. The American Nightmare is currently booked to face Seth Rollins in a Hell in a Cell match to main event the show, although that match could well be in doubt after the injury.

While it is hoped he will continue to wrestle for the event, there has not been any confirmation either way from WWE. He was due to face Seth Rollins at a house show last night in Champaign, Illinois, but that match never took place. Instead, Rollins attacked Rhodes before the match leading to Drew McIntyre to come to his aid and face Rollins in the main event instead.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer claimed that the angle took place due to a torn pectoral muscle he suffered whilst weight training. It is believed to be a “strenuous injury” that could keep the American Nightmare on the injury table for months and could cause him to miss future WWE shows like Summerslam 2022.

“Cody was injured lifting weights. From what I gather, it’s a pretty serious injury. My impression is that he is working the match tonight with the injury and I guess will get it taken care of later,”

“The injury is legit. Everything that I heard was that he was working tonight. The doctors may say you can’t, I don’t know. It’s not an in-ring injury, it was a weightlifting injury.”

A torn pectoral could be a huge loss for WWE. WWE is currently lacking in top stars, especially with Roman Reigns missing Hell in a Cell entirely and not defending his championships for the past 2 pay per views.

Cody Rhodes missing out on future WWE shows would require huge changes for the product. He is currently one of the hottest babyfaces on the roster and has been positioned as a top star in the company.

With rumours of him chasing Roman Reigns’ WWE Championship soon, leading to a match at Summerslam, WWE will have to change direction and find a new challenger for Roman Reigns (before he faces Drew McIntyre at Clash at the Castle)

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