Cody Rhodes WWE Championship ambitions revealed in Wrestlemania interview

Cody Rhodes made his long awaited return to WWE at Wrestlemania 38. He was revealed as Seth Rollins’ mystery opponent, and the pair put on a match of the night contender in the middle of the jam packed show. 

In a match in which both men pulled out all the stops, Cody Rhodes picked up the victory after hitting Rollins with three Cross Rhodes and his father’s own Bionic Elbow to seal the win over the former Shield member. 

Cody Rhodes WWE has long been rumored, and the former TNT Champion in AEW has revealed that he has huge ambitions for his return to WWE. 

Cody Rhodes has his eyes set on the WWE Championship in WWE.

Cody Rhodes WWE Championship

Cody Rhodes has revealed in an interview with Variety that he aims to win the WWE Championship in his return to WWE. The former Executive-Vice president of AEW has revealed that he wants to win the championship that his father failed to win in a match in 1977 in THE WWWF.

Speakinf to Variety, Cody Rhodes WWE Championship ambitions were revealed when he said:

He went to Madison Square Garden, stood across from Superstar Billy Graham and he held [The WWE Championship] in his hands, the goal of mine, and it was taken away because that was the context of the match,” Rhodes said. “I understand that now as an adult, but as a kid, that was the only reason I ever wanted to get in, so that I could get what he didn’t get.”

Cody Rhodes WWE Championship ambitions started off on the right foot when he defeated Seth Rollins at Wrestlemania 38. It was his first WWE match in 6 years and he garnered one of the loudest reactions at Wrestlemania with his surprise return to the company.

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