The AEW Hall of Fame – Who will be the first inductees?

Hamish Woodward


Who do you think will be the first person inducted into the AEW Hall of Fame?

The WWE Hall of Fame is one of the biggest, most prestigious hall of fame’s in wrestling.

Kevin Nash famously said “Only two things in this business are real – when you win your first world championship, and the day you go into the hall of fame”.

Many wrestlers have echoed this sentiment. It is one of the highlights of any wrestler’s career to go into the hall of fame.

That is why, in the future, the AEW hall of fame is sure to be created.

It should be created to honor the wrestlers who helped build the company, and others that took it to new heights.

This isn’t the WWE hall of fame, though. I don’t think the AEW hall of fame should let anyone in.

You won’t be seeing mid-carders like Koko B. Ware in the AEW hall of fame. Marko Stunt or Joey Janela aren’t getting into the AEW Hall of Fame. just for being “nice guys” backstage.

Sure, you may see someone like Brandon Cutler in there, in the future.

For his in ring work? No, of course not.

But the man edits being the Elite, and works tirelessly behind the scenes. These kinds of people deserve their recognition, and I believe Tony Khan et al. will honor those people.

But for now, here are the wrestlers who should be among the first inductions in the AEW Hall of Fame.

AEW Hall of Fame

Jon Moxley

Aew Hall of fame

Jon Moxley was the first huge signing for AEW, making a statement on the world stage.

His debut at AEW Double or Nothing shocked the world, and he should be one of the first names in the AEW Hall of Fame.

He had just left the WWE, with the final Shield reunion just one month prior. His debut, attacking Kenny Omega after his match with Chris Jericho, proved to any doubters that WWE was the big leagues.

He helped change the perception that AEW was an alternative to WWE, not just another TNA to slink into the background unnoticed.

He became the second ever AEW Champion, and wore the championship with pride through an incredibly difficult situation with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Jon Moxley will forever be remembered as the man who helped guide WWE through the rocks and through the other side.

He was also part of the history Exploding Barbed wire deathmatch. It was a great match, but with it’s ending being one of the worst AEW moments ever.

Kenny Omega

The first of the EVP’s on this list is also the longest reigning AEW Champion in history, and one of the greatest Canadian wrestlers of all time too.

Kenny Omega came into AEW with all the hype in the world. After his IWGP Heavyweight title run and incredible matches with Kazuchika Okada, he was touted as the best wrestler in the world.

Somehow, he managed to live up to the hype.

He pulled out incredible matches on a weekly basis. Both as a tag team champion, and AEW World Champion. His matches against the Young Bucks, and Bryan Danielson, are just two examples of his supreme in ring talent.

Omega goes straight into the hall of fame. He is AEW’s biggest star at the moment, and the greatest champion the company has ever known.

He is a shoe in as a AEW Hall of Fame inductee as the best AEW Champion ever and one of the best wrestlers of all time.

Dustin Rhodes

Is Dustin Rhodes considered an AEW legend? Not really. He has been a solid wrestler for the promotion since it began, and even had one of AEW’s best matches, when he took on Cody Rhodes at Double or Nothing 2019.

But he should be inducted into the AEW hall of fame for his entire career, and the legacy he has added on to the Rhodes family name.

He has performed consistently for over 30 years, and despite drug issues, is almost at his best at 52 years of age.

Dustin Rhodes still has a number of years ahead of him, I’m sure. But when he does hang up his boots, a spot in any hall of fame would suit the former Goldust just right.

CM Punk

CM Punk doesn’t seem like he ever wants to go back to WWE. At this point, would they even have him back?

He has shown a great dislike for WWE, and importantly how it treats it’s workers. Owen Hart is proof that the WWE hall of fame does not make one a legend.

CM Punk does need to sign a deal with the enemy just to get the recognition he deserves.

However, when his career is said and done, I am sure he will equally be a legend in AEW as he was in WWE.

His return to wrestling after seven years at AEW The First Dance was also one of the best returns of all time. If anything, just for how crazy the crowd was.

CM Punk is a two-time AEW Champion, something worthy of a Hall of Fame induction as it is.

He still has a number of years left in the ring, and looks to have one more legendary heel run in him that could catapult him back to the top of the wrestling world.

Chris Jericho

If only one man could be inducted into the AEW Hall of Fame, it should be Chris Jericho.

AEW would not be what it is today, without Chris Jericho. Jericho took the bold move of turning down millions of dollars, and a guaranteed first ballot hall of fame spot in WWE, to sign with the upstart AEW promotion.

The company would also not be where it is today if Jericho had not become the first AEW Champion.

He added legitimacy to the belt that no-one else, sans maybe Jon Moxley, would have brought to it.

He has, since his debut, been one of the best wrestlers in AEW, and the bright spot of every show. From hated heel to beloved face, he has done it all in the two years since AEW Dynamite began.

There are few wrestlers that deserve to go into the hall of fame than Le Champion Chris Jericho.

Brodie Lee

Brodie Lee’s time in AEW was short, but he was a huge star in whatever he did.

His run was cut short by his tragic passing in December 2020, but his legacy will live long in the memory of wrestlers and fans alike.

Brodie was the second man to hold the TNT Championship, and was one of the most dominant champions.

He destroyed Cody Rhodes in minutes to win the championship, and retained the title against the likes of Orange Cassidy and Dustin Rhodes in fantastic bouts.

Brodie Lee competed in one of the AEW’s finest matches, against Jon Moxley. He competed for the AEW Championship at Double or Nothing 2020, in the first pay per view after the covid pandemic began.

Despite the lack of fans and hastily put together feud, the pair knocked it out of the park for one of Jon Moxley’s best title defenses.

Should Brodie Lee have competed for longer, he could have been one of AEW’s biggest stars.

However, we only have the memory of his short run, and that should give him a shot of getting into the AEW hall of fame some day.

Owen Hart

Owen Hart AEW

Despite his early demise, Owen Hart had a hall of fame worthy career.

He never won the World Championship in the WWF, but had a fantastic run that showcased his in ring skills and his personality outside of it.

Hart is not a part of the WWE hall of fame. However, this is not for lack of trying on WWE’s part. They recognize his importance to the history of WWE, and have reached out multiple times to Owen’s widow, Dr Martha Hart.

However, due to their involvement in his death, she has refused any and all avenues for WWE to make money off of her husband.

Hopefully in the future, fans can honor Owen Hart when he is inducted into the All Elite Wrestling hall of fame.

Cody Rhodes

Adrenaline. In my Soul. Something Something Cody Rhodes.

Everyone’s favourite midcarder Cody Rhodes has more than earned his spot in the AEW hall of fame.

Despite being one of the most popular stars in AEW, he has gone out of his way to shine a light on the future AEW main eventers.

The likes of Darby Allin, Eddie Kingston and Ricky Starks all owe a big part of their AEW runs to Cody. He even ruled himself out of ever winning the AEW Championship, lest his career be marked with an asterisk due to his EVP status.

He has been a constant light on AEW’s tv screen, and has been once of the shows most interesting characters. Despite being released by AEW in February 2022, he should be part of the AEW Hall of Fame in the future.

The Young Bucks

The greatest tag team of all time. That would not be an unfair label for the Young Bucks.

Since AEW began, the Young Bucks were THE team in the tag team division. Even in the early days, whilst they were putting over teams like Private Party, they were also feuding with the Lucha Brothers over the AAA Tag Team Championships.

Their tag team title reign, which was recently ended by the Lucha Brothers at all out, was the longest of all tag team champions in AEW.

It also featured some of the highest quality matches, with the Bucks making themselves some of the most hated heels in AEW.

At the start of AEW, their character felt a little bland. You cannot say the same for them as tag team champions. They became the most obnoxious heels in the world, and you could not wait for them to get their heads kicked in. They were perfect.

Even if they did nothing ever in the ring, they belong in the hall of fame. Without the Young Bucks, AEW does not exist. If Cody, Kenny, Matt, Nick and Jericho don’t sign on back in January 2019, the whole project is dead in the water.

The Young Bucks should be the first tag team inducted into the AEW hall of fame.

Who do you think should be inducted into the AEW Hall of Fame? Let us know in the comments or click below to read more.

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