AEW Video Game to feature Owen Hart, AEW Confirms

Wrestling fans can rejoice. Twenty Two years after his death, Owen Hart will be playable in a major wrestling video game. He will be featured in the upcoming AEW Video Game, which is expected to be released late next year. Owen Hart AEW Video Game debut will come as a huge surprise to fans. His widow Dr Martha Hart has previously refused to work with the WWE, which excluded him from their video games. Thankfully, he will finally be accessible to play with by the next generation of gamers.

Owen Hart AEW Video Game Debut

Owen Hart could look like this in his AEW Video Game Debut

On May 23 1999, it was a sad day for wrestling. Owen Hart, the brother of Bret Hart and beloved wrestler to both fans and wrestlers, fell to his death live at a WWF pay per view. His death was entirely preventable, with WWE failing to follow proper safety procedures as his harness failed during a zipline stunt high above the arena. He fell as the harness broke, falling to the ring and crashing onto the ring post. He was pronounced dead, but WWE continued the pay per view. Over twenty years after his death, fans still remember the legend that is Owen Hart. Fans of the King of Harts have begged for him to appear in a wrestling game for years. Thankfully Martha and AEW have good news for those fans.

In honour of the life of Owen Hart, his wife Dr Martha Hart founded “The Owen Hart Foundation”, raising money for those in need, a cause close to Owen’s heart. Martha has refused multiple times to work with WWE on Owen Hart’s legacy, citing Vince McMahon as the cause of his death. This means that Owen Hart has not currently been inducted in the WWE hall of fame, despite offers from WWE. He has also not been featured in a WWE video game since his death. His last appearance in a video game was 2004’s Showdown: Legends of Wrestling.

AEW – Owen Hart Foundation Partnership

Luckily for fans, today AEW and the Owen Hart Foundation announced a partnership to help promote Owen Hart’s legacy. This includes merchandise, a new tournament (The Owen Hart Cup) and an appearance in the AEW video game. It’s a huge get for AEW. No company has been able to secure a deal to honour the legacy of Owen Hart until now. The chance to showcase Owen Hart to the world for the first time in twenty years is great for the Hart families legacy, as he has been excluded from all WWE productions due to his widow’s wishes.

AEW has had history with the Hart family already. Bret Hart, older brother of Owen, made an appeareance at AEW Double or Nothing. He revealed the AEW Championship for the first time, before it was won by fellow Canadian Chris Jericho.

AEW Video Game Roster So Far

So far, five other superstars have been revealed for the AEW video game roster. Owen Hart joins Jungle Boy, Darby Allin, Chris Jericho, Kenny Omega and Hikaru Shida as wrestlers to have been revealed for the AEW video game. While stars like CM Punk, Bryan Danielson and Jon Moxley are expected to be added, they are so far not confirmed. There are a number of AEW Video game legends rumoured for the game, but Owen Hart is the first confirmed of hopefully many.

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