AEW Fight Forever Legends – Legends confirmed for AEW Video Game

Hamish Woodward

CM Punk, Bret Hart, and Dusty Rhodes

With AEW Fight Forever being released on June 29th, we look at the legends currently confirmed for the video game.

Tony Khan, CEO of AEW, has reportedly invested over $10 million in the upcoming AEW console game. Fans have been excited about the potential competitor to the WWE 2K franchise, with the first trailer for the game dropping in November 2020.

Check out the first trailer released for the AEW video game below.

This first trailer divided fan opinion. Some fans loved the style of the models, harkening back to the cult classic WWE Legends of Wrestling.

The exaggerated features of Omega, Jericho and Shida made them look cartoony, like in the aforementioned game. The wrestlers in question had bigger arms, chests and looked more squashed down than the models used in WWE 2K.

A lot of fans buying these games do so for the realism as much as the fun. This feedback clearly got back to Yukes, the game developers, and they made changed in the next video they released.

The next video they released was of Darby Allin, one of AEW’s youngest and brightest stars.

This new video shows a much more realistic model for Darby Allin. The body is now more proportional to real life, and looks just like the real life Allin.

The face pain looks realistic, and will reportedly rub off as the matches go on in the game. His signature moves, including his brutal coffin drop, are in full display, and look great.

AEW Video Game Legends

One big positive of the AEW game will be the huge roster available to them. The likes of ‘Hangman’ Adam Page, Kenny Omega, the Young Bucks and Darby Allin have never been featured in a official wrestling game (except for the Fire Pro Series).

They will be joined by seasoned 2K veterans like Chris Jericho, Jon Moxley and Dustin Rhodes. The huge roster they employ will make for one of the most star studded games of all time.

However, one necessary edition to any wrestling game is the legends on the roster. WWE 2K 23 has one of the largest legends rosters of all time, featuring the likes of Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan and many, many more.

AEW will have to dig deep into the annuls of wrestling history to pull out a top class roster.

With a huge amount of legends already featured on AEW Dynamite and various Pay Per Views, the well of legends like Sting and Bret Hart is full of potential roster members.

One legend has been announced so far for the AEW video game. Owen Hart has been confirmed as the first AEW video game legend announced for the game. You can read more about the announcement here – Owen Hart AEW Video Game

Bret Hart

The former WWF and WCW Champion only made one appearance with AEW. He made his debut at the first AEW pay per view, Double or Nothing. Bret Hart revealed the new AEW Championship on the show, and was one of many legends to feature that night.

Bret Hart is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. He has competed all over the world, winning world titles and even main eventing shows like Wrestlemania, and multiple WCW pay per views.

Bret Hart would be one of the first legends I would urge AEW to get for their game. His pink and black look is iconic, and fans will be itching to see him tear it with fellow Canadians Chris Jericho, Kenny Omega and Christian Cage.

Keiji Mutoh

Also known as The Great Muta, Mutoh is another one of the legends of wrestling to appear in AEW. He appeared at AEW Full Gear, as a judge for the AEW World Championship match between Chris Jericho and Cody Rhodes.

The Japanese legend has never appeared in a WWE game, but a fictionalised version of himself did appear in the Playstation title WCW vs The World.

Despite being 58 years old, Mutoh recently won the GHC World Championship. This legend is still going at it, and would be an incredible addition to the AEW legends Roster alongside Bret Hart.

Dusty Rhodes

“The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes is a name long in the hearts of AEW Fans. The former NWA Champion was one of the minds behind the brilliant NXT, and is as remembered for his work developing superstars as he is for his incredible career.

Dusty Rhodes is the father of AEW stars Cody Rhodes and Dustin Rhodes, and would make for some heartfelt matches if fans were able to have the family team together.

They teamed together once in FCW, and would be great to be able to team these legends with each other again on the AEW video game.

CM Punk

CM Punk made his AEW debut at Rampage: The First Dance. Despite being a part of the main roster, CM Punk could be included as a legend with some of the looks he had on the indies before WWE.

CM Punk hasn’t been included in a video game since WWE 2K15, and fans will be itching to play as their favourite Chicago based Superstar.

Fans will be hoping to recreate classic matches like CM Punk vs Colt Cabana and CM Punk vs Chris Jericho.

Dream matches like CM Punk vs Bret Hart will be ones fans will be dying to play, as well as recreating the short lived tag team “Best and the Beard” with Bryan Danielson.

Lance Storm

Lance T Storm was a fixture of WWE and WCW in the early 2000s, and still wrestles occasionally to this day.

Storm and friend Chris Jericho have both said they want their last match together. They both debuted against each other, and want to end their careers full circle.

He would be a great addition to a roster of already great technical wrestlers. Fans will also be able to recreate the tag team “The Thrill Seekers” which he and Jericho teamed as in Smokey Mountain Wrestling.

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express

The legendary tag team have made numerous appearances on AEW Television. The duo appeared in AEW Dynamite to crown the inuagral AEW Tag team champions, but were attacked by Santana and Ortiz. They later returned to attack Proud and Powerful, even performing a stunning sunset flip, whilst in their 60s.

The Rock ‘n’ Roll express would be a great edition, with WWE failing to feature great 80s tag team wrestlers in their games for the longest times.

It would also open up some dream matches for fans and wrestlers alike. FTR have spoken about being huge fans of Robert Gibson and Ricky Morton, and the chance to pit these two teams together is sure to create magic.

Voodoo Kin Mafia

Everyone remembers the hit tag team in TNA, right?


Remember when the Voodoo Kin Mafia called out DX, for a match at the Alamo?


Well, Billy Gunn is in AEW and WWE have the rights for the New Age Outlaws, so it’s as good as you’re going to get.

Check out the AEW Video Game Roster to see all the confirmed wrestlers set for the AEW Video Game!

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