Footage of MJF’s First Match Ever Discovered

AEW star MJF is one of the fastest rising stars is AEW, and despite only being 26 years old is already one of the biggest stars in wrestling. He has faced multiple top stars in AEW, including beating CM Punk “Twice in one night” in Chicago. However, despite his incredible success, it was not long ago that MJF started his career and began his journey as a professional wrestling.

MJF’s first match ever took place just three short months after he began training to be a professional wrestler. He trained to wrestle in Create-a-Pro, the wrestling school ran by former WWE star Curt Hawkins, and Pat Buck. This is where MJF has his first ever professional wrestling matches, and by his own account, it was a great one.

MJF’s first match

MJF’s first match ever was on the first Create-a-Pro wrestling show on February 13th 2015. MJF teamed with Bear Bronson to take on the team of Vinny Spano and Luciano. At the time, he went by the name Maxwell Jacob Feinstein, an alternative to his real name (Maxwell Jacob Freidman) whilst still retaining his MJF initials.

What is interesting about this debut match was how fully formed the MJF character was, even at it’s earliest stage. He already shouted at the audience, calling them dumb and accusing them of “living under a rock”. He also utilised his now famous catchphrase “Better than you and you know it”, whilst wearing his trademark Burberry Scarf.

The match was uploaded by the Create-A-Pro Youtube Channel in 2019, and can be seen below.

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