Eric Bischoff Reveals Goldberg Was The Hardest Wrestler To Work With

Hamish Woodward

WCW was known as a place where the men on the top had a lot of say in what was going on.

Hulk Hogan famously had a creative control clause in his contract, given to him by Eric Bischoff, making him one of the hardest wrestlers to work with.

There’s a reason that “That doesn’t work for me, brother” has become so much of a meme. Hulk Hogan really was difficult to work with. If he didn’t want to do something, he’d just spin that famous phrase and go off home, or wait for you to say he was winning that night.

However, Eric Bischoff revealed the hardest wrestler to work with in his career, and the answer may surprise you!

Bischoff was known to be a close friend of Hogan, even joining the NWO on TV, so maybe he didn’t have such a negative experience with The Hulkster.

Hardest wrestler to work with

However, he did reveal on Q&A that former WCW champion and WWE Champion Bill Goldberg was the hardest person he ever had to work with.

“I think on a consistent basis, it would have been Bill Goldberg, not necessarily in a bad way.” Bischoff said,

“Bill was a very intense person, emotional, didn’t have a lot of experience, and was pretty uncomfortable in a pro wrestling environment when he first got there.”

“As a result, you take someone with a very intense personality and a bit of a perfectionist who puts a lot of pressure on himself, but also lacking a lot of the experience and comfort that comes with experience, you get a guy that’s a little hard to handle, or sometimes, a lot hard to handle.” He said, before adding “But, that’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s just a thing,”

Bill Goldberg was one of WCW’s biggest stars, but had only just broke into the business when he made his debut on TV. He was very inexperienced, but still managed to have some of the most memorable matches in the companies history.

That extended to WWE, when he joined the company in 2003, winning the World Heavyweight Championship.

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