Ezekial Has Been Removed From WWE, Brother Elias Set To Return

WWE Superstar Ezekial has left the company, recent backstage reports can reveal. He is the in-storyline brother of Elias, the guitar playing drifter who has been a main roster star for a number of years.

Elias was a fan favourite wrestler due to his pre-match antics. He would enter with a guitar and sing a song before his matches, usually running down his opponent and insulting the local town and their sports team. He and Kevin Owens once got in trouble in Seattle during just that, getting some of the biggest boos ever seen inside a WWE ring.

However, earlier this year Elias was taken off TV and replaced with a lookalike named Ezekial. Ezekial was said to be the brother of Elias and was played by the same man behind The Drifter. This was used to humorous effect on multiple occasion, but WWE management seem to think the time is right to bring Elias back into the fold on Monday Night Raw.

With Triple H taking over from Vince McMahon as head of creative, he has made many changes to characters in WWE. As well as giving the likes of Matt Riddle and Austin Theory their names back, he has also transition characters to alternative gimmicks, some old and some new.

One of those was Kevin Owens, who reverted back to a gimmick in the style of his NXT “Prizefighter” gimmick. He brutalised Ezekial upon his return to WWE, sending him out on a stretcher and seemingly out of the WWE for good. With him gone, it seems Elias will return to Monday Night Raw and could even get his last name (Sampson) back that he has not used for many years.

Ezekial was feuding with Kevin Owens until recently

According to PWInsider, Ezekiel is no longer listed on WWE’s internal roster, seemingly bringing to an end his run in the company. Elias has been put back on the WWE roster list and is expected to return this week to restart his feud with Kevin Owens.

Kevin Owens has had one of his best years in WWE so far. He battled Steve Austin at Wrestlemania 38 thsi year, losijg to the WWE Hall of Famer in one of the most exciting matches of the past few years. A win over Elias could help him rise up the rankings and eventually earn himself a rematch with Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship.

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