Will Stone Cold Steve Austin wrestle again in WWE?

Hamish Woodward

will steve austin wrestle again in wwe

Stone Cold Steve Austin shocked the wrestling world at Wrestlemania 38, wrestling his first match in 20 years. He took on Kevin Owens in a No Holds Barred match to main event night one which was a huge surprise to the fans in the arena of his home state of Texas.

The match was a fantastic throw back to classic Steve Austin matches. It was a total brawl, with the 57 year old Rattlesnake taking some huge bumps, including a suplex onto the concrete as the pair brawled through the crowd.

He also appeared the next night, after the Pat McAfee vs Austin Theory match. Vince McMahon also had a surprise match against McAfee that night, and Austin came out after the match to hand out Stone Cold Stunners to everyone involved.

Before the show, he was not scheduled to wrestle. Steve Austin was invited as a guest on the KO Show with Kevin Owens, who managed to goad him into having a match with him. Unfortunately for Owens, Austin won with a Stunner to cap off his career.

Steve Austin looked great in his first match since Wrestlemania 19. He was in the shape of his life, moved better than anyone expected and looked as close to the old Stone Cold as anyone thought they’d see again.

He also seemed to love it himself. So, could this be the catalyst to start one last run for Stone Cold? Will Steve Austin wrestle again in the WWE?

Will Steve Austin Wrestle in WWE Again?

Many fans were shocked and amazed by the performance by Austin at Wrestlemania. He took fans back to their childhoods and harkened back the Attitude Era where he was the biggest wrestler of all time,

Of the millions that saw Steve Austin return at the Granddaddy of them All, many were excited to see another potential match from the Texas Rattlesnake. Rumours of another run, or even just one more match in Saudi Arabia to get one last payday, for Austin have cropped up, but it seems unlikely he will make another return to WWE.

According to backstage talk, as reported by Paul Davis of WrestlingNews.co, there is no current plans for Steve Austin to wrestle again for WWE and that he was happy with his performance at Wrestlemania.

On a related note, while McMahon would probably love to have Austin do more, the word going around backstage is that Austin was happy with his performance in the match with Kevin Owens and there are no plans for him to wrestle again.

On Steve Austin wrestling again in WWE

This will be a disappointing reveal for fans of the Bionic Redneck. Steve Austin brought a record number of fans back to WWE, and another match in WWE could help bring even more back and make a star whilst he does.

A rematch with Kevin Owens could be a good idea, mimicking the John Cena vs The Rock matches at Wrestlemania 28 and 29. A battle between Cody Rhodes and Steve Austin could also be a huge match although Cody Rhodes’ injury could make any dream matches impossible.

Steve Austin could help put over a young talent like Austin Theory, although for my money he could make NXT Champion Bron Breakker into a huge star in just one match. There are many possibilities for the match and it is just sad that CM Punk is not in the company to finally book the long rumoured CM Punk vs Steve Austin match.

CM Punk vs Steve Austin - Wrestlemania 29 (Atletifo.com)
CM Punk vs Steve Austin – Wrestlemania 29 (Atletifo.com)

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