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At last nights Hell in a Cell, Cody Rhodes wrestled Seth Rollins in a Hell in a Cell match, despite suffering a horrific injury beforehand. Cody Rhodes WWE return is up in the air at the moment with nobody sure when he will return to the ring.

The match is likely to be Rhodes last for a while as he suffered a completely torn pectoral muscle during weight training prior to the event. This puts his involvement in future WWE events in doubt and could affect his ability to achieve his dream of becoming the WWE Champion.

Despite the horrible injury, he soldiered on and defeated Seth Rollins inside an incredible Hell in a Cell match to end their feud, with him going 3-0 against Rollins. This puts him at the top of the pile in WWE and he would be the next in line to face Roman Reigns if this injury had not side-lined him for an extended period of time.

In this article, we will look at how long Cody Rhodes will be injured for and if he will be available for future WWE events.

How long will Cody Rhodes be injured for?

Cody Rhodes is expected to be out for 3-4 months a torn pectoral muscle. Usuallly ow-grade tears take 4-6 weeks to recover, whilst a high grade tear like the one he suffered this week have a recovery date of 3-4 months. However the length of time may vary and could be longer or shorter to recover, but in all likelihood 3-4 months is the recovery period.

However, WWE recently revealed that Cody Rhodes has underwent successful surgery on his torn pectoral and is on the mend. Sadly, the prognosis is not good. He is set to miss 9 months of in-ring action, according to WWE doctors. This puts his immediate future in WWE in doubt and Cody Rhodes return from injury could take place after Wrestlemania next year.

This injury puts Cody Rhodes immediate WWE future into question. He is one of the top stars in a company currently bereft of top talent and losing him is a huge blow. WWE will want him back in the ring as soon as possible and will help with his rehabilitation however they can.

Based on current estimates, Cody Rhodes is looking at missing some serious time wrestling for the WWE. He only recently returned to the company at Wrestlemania this year, but this injury puts serious doubts on if Cody Rhodes will wrestle at Summerslam, Clash at the Castle or even next years Royal Rumble event.

Summerslam 2022

summerslam 2022 start time

With Summerslam 2022 on it’s way this year, there has been talk about it Cody Rhodes will be able to wrestle at the event with his torn pectoral muscle.

The former TNT Champion is expected to be out between 3-4 months with his injury. which would rule him out for the foreseeable future. He looks unlikely to wrestle on Raw, Smackdown or Premium Live Events for a good while, while he heals from his injury.

Based on current prognosis, Cody Rhodes will not wrestle at Summerslam 2022. The event is scheduled for July 30th 2022, which will be a little less than two months since the injury suffered by Cody. Even if he recovers early from his injury, less than two months is simply impossible for him to be back to 100% and lifting weights again normall.

Clash at the Castle

WWE Clash at the Castle

With Cody Rhodes suffering his injury at the beginning of June 2022, there are some doubts as to whether he will be fit to compete at Clash at the Castle. It’s the first week of September (September 3rd 2022) so will be about 3 months after the initial injury.

WWE’s Clash at the Castle is WWE’s first UK pay per view in 20 years and the first big stadium show in the UK since Summerslam 1992. It it being held in Wales’ Principality Stadium (formerly known as the Millennium Stadium) in the centre of Cardiff, the capital city of Wales. The stadium usually hosts rugby matches, but was chosen to host the WWE show due to it’s sliding roof being able to close in case of bad weather.

This would be tight, as the estimated recovery time for this injury is 3-4 months. However, since WWE announced Cody Rhodes would be out for nine months, his future looked bleak. Cody Rhodes will not wrestle at Clash at the Castle. He would only be into 3 months of his 9 month recovery at the point and it would be dangerous to wrestle at the event.

We have seen wrestlers come back from those injuries soon than expected. John Cena suffered an even worse pectoral tear than Cody Rhodes did in 2007, which forced him to relinquish his WWE Championship which he had held for over a year.

Despite the prognosis being 6 months to a year out of action, he returned in just 4 months to win the Royal Rumble and main event Wrestlemania alongside Triple H and Randy Orton.

If Cody Rhodes follows John Cena’s trajectory and recovers ahead of schedule, he will be able to wrestle at Clash at the Castle in Cardiff in front of 75,000 screaming fans as he would want to. However, that looks very unlikely at this time.

Royal Rumble

With the Royal Rumble being 7 months away, Cody Rhodes is likely to be back in time for the Royal Rumble. While WWE gave him 9 months recovery time, it is likely they over-extended the date for Cody Rhodes WWE return to make a Royal Rumble return a surprise.

He will be one of the favourites to win the rumble match and go on to battle for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania. Cody Rhodes vs Roman Reigns will likely, if he is fit, be the main event of Wrestlemania although based on recent events WWE could book a rematch with Seth Rollins at the event when Cody Rhodes returns to WWE from injury.

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