Flash Morgan Webster Signed New WWE Contract Just Before Release

Hamish Woodward

Flash Morgan Webster release

WWE recently announced that NXT UK was shutting down and as a consequence a number of stars have been released from their contracts. One such talent was Flash Morgan Webster who was released by WWE alongside his South Wales Subculture teammate Mark Andrews.

Other NXT UK talent was released, including Trent Severn, Wild Boar and Emilia McKenzie. This was just one of many WWE releases since 2020 and the first to focus exclusively on the United Kingdom-based WWE brand.

WWE are rebranding the show as NXT Europe, although there was no place for Flash Morgan Webster in the promotion moving forward. This also sadly means that the young Welshman will not be appearing at the first ever pay-per-view in Wales next month at WWE Clash at the Castle.

WWE Clash at the Castle
Flash Morgan Webster will not be wrestling at Clash at the Castle after being released by WWE.

However, he never thought he would get fired by WWE so soon. Webster reportedly signed a new deal with WWE just prior to his release and was assured, in no uncertain terms, that he would be signed to an even longer deal in the future once he had recovered from his injuries.

Fightful Select reported that shocking news, stating;

Fightful heard details regarding Flash Morgan Webster, who had been sidelined since last year. At one point, Fightful had reported that Webster was on a short-term extension with WWE, who wanted to retain him. However, we’re told that months prior to his release, he’d re-signed with WWE on a more long term basis.

Webster has been side-lined since November 2021 with a torn labrum but the NXT UK bosses seemed to have big plans from his once he returned from injury. There were likely plans to push him alongside Mark Andrews and Dani Luna in their faction, named Subculture. However, all three stars were released in August 2022 and could be reunited on the British independent scene in the upcoming weeks.

Flash Morgan Webster is a former champion in WWE and Rev Pro, winning the NXT UK Tag Team Championship and the RPW British Cruiserweight Championship. He has all the talent to break out as one of the biggest young stars in the UK and could help reignite the British indie scene alongside the likes of Mark Andrews and Sha Samuels.

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