MVP Call Out WWE Fans For Fantasy Booking “Favourite Black Wrestlers” in “Fantasy Factions”

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The Hurt Business was one of the most entertaining groups in WWE in recent years, but leader MVP has a problem with fans fantasy booking black wrestlers in “fantasy factions” with a racial undertone.

WWE’s MVP Calls Out Fans For Potentially Racist Fantasy Booking

Fans have the tendency to try to “fantasy book” out ideas they want to see inside the ring. This could mean potential storylines they’d love to watch, matches they can’t wait to see or putting together wrestlers into tag teams or factions.

The latter has become an issue for WWE’s MVP. Also known as Montel Vontavious Porter, the former United States Champion revealed on Twitter that he had a problem with fans fantasising about putting their “favourite Black wrestlers” together into a faction that emphasises their race over their ability.

He tweeted out “I don’t know who needs to hear this, but it really is ok to NOT group all of your favorite BLACK wrestlers together in fantasy factions. K bye.”, presumably in reference to fans online trying to book more all-black racial factions in WWE. Recent rumours have been speaking about bringing Carmela Hayes into the Hit Row stable, with the implication being he would only be involved because he is black.

The “Black Militant” Faction Has Been A Trope In WWE Since The Nation Of Domination

MVP himself was the leader of a faction in WWE, which featured four tough, strong black men. He was the spokesman for The Hurt Business, a stable of WWE talents who had the potential to be top stars but needed that little extra push.

The group included the following;

  • MVP
  • Bobby Lashley
  • Shelton Benjamin
  • Cedric Alexander

The four men all had aspirations of being world champion once upon a time. MVP was one of the most hyped up stars of the mid 2000s, but struggled to realise this potential until he was released in 2010.

Bobby Lashley was always destined for greatness, but fell out of love with wrestling after injury in 2007, spending some time away before returning to the company in 2018.

Shelton Benjamin came through the incredible OVW class with other legends of wrestling John Cena, Batista, Randy Orton and Brock Lesnar. However, he had much less success than his peers and struggled to make as much of an impact as them.

Cedric Alexander is an up and coming star in WWE who found fame through the cruiserweight classic tournament. A former Cruiserweight champion, he still has time in WWE to become a world champion even with the Hurt Business splitting up in 2021.

They formed an all-black faction which took the WWE by storm. While race was a part of their formation, they were more akin to the likes of Evolution than previous “black militant” groups like the Nation of Domination. They focused more on their money and style than their race and became so over that Bobby Lashley won the WWE Championship under their banner.

MVP has since left the side of Lashley and taken over as manager of the giant Omos. However, his WWE career could be over soon with that run going poorly, and his career could be winding down now and coming to an end.

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