How To Unlock Umaga In WWE 2K22

Hamish Woodward

How To Unlock Umaga In WWE 2K22

WWE Legend Umaga makes his first appearance in a WWE game for 12 years with his inclusion in WWE 2K22. The former Intercontinental Champion last appeared in WWE 2010, which came out just after he was fired from WWE in June 2009. It was also just months before he would pass away in December 2009 from a heart attack.

Luckily for fans of the Samoan Bulldozer, he has finally been made playable in a main series WWE game. While fan-made versions have been available to download on the creation centre for years, we’ve never had the pleasure of experiencing Umaga with his theme song, custom animations and accurate move set since 2009.

In this article, we’ll provide the guide on how to unlock Umaga in WWE 2K22 so you can recreate your favourite matches, like his Last Man Standing match at the 2007 Royal Rumble against John Cena.

How To Unlock Umaga In WWE 2K22

Umaga can only be unlocked in WWE 2K22 by purchasing the Banzai Pack DLC from the online store of your chosen console. The pack costs £7.99 in the UK or $9.99 in the United States. The pack is also available if you purchase the Season Pass, which cost £24.99 in the UK or $29.99 in the US.

The season pass is available with purchase of the special editions of WWE 2K22. The NWO version and Deluxe Version of the game include, among other things, the WWE 2K22 Season Pass which will unlock the Banzai Pack, as well as all other packs available for purchase in the game.

Once purchased, Umaga has no special requirements. Once downloaded he will be available to use in Exhibition Mode, Universe Mode and MyGM mode and you can create custom attires for him to your hearts content. One example is his red attire from his Wrestlemania 24 match against Batista, which you will be able to create easily in the character creation suite.

As well as Umaga, The Banzai pack includes WWE Hall of Famer’s Yokozuna and Rikishi, Omos and Kacy Catanzaro. It is one of seven DLC packs available for you to download so you can play as wrestlers like Logan Paul, The Hurricane, Rob Van Dam and many more.

Tell us if this guide to Unlock Umaga in WWE 2K22 was helpful to you and tell us which match with the Samoan Bulldozer you’ll be recreating first in the game once you’ve downloaded the former WWE Superstar.

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