Insider Confirms Kurt Angle Is In WWE 2K23!

A Twitter Insider has confirmed that Kurt Angle will be part of the WWE 2K23 roster, after missing out on last year’s game for unknown reasons.

The WWE Hall of Famer is a fan-favourite for gamers, with his suplex-heavy move set being fun for players to emulate in the yearly game releases. However, despite being part of the game for the last few years, he was removed from the roster in WWE 2K22, with no explanation being given for his absence.

His omission was notable due to the selling point of the game last year being the inclusion of the “Rey Mysterio Showcase Mode”. It featured a host of matches from Rey Mysterio’s career, with all the biggest and most important parts of his run in WWE and WCW being represented by matches that players could recreate to their hearts content.

Unfortunately, the two most important moments of his career were not included. The first was the 2006 Royal Rumble, where he entered at number two and lasted over an hour to win the whole match. The other was at Wrestlemania that year, where he challenged Randy Orton and World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle in a blockbuster triple threat encounter. He pinned Orton to win the title, but because of Angle’s involvement in the bout it could not be included in the showcase mode.

Luckily for fans of the Olympic Gold Medallist, it seems he will be a included in WWE 2K23. Twitter user @kvngantonioo (who has been endorsed by @xeronews) has revealed that Kurt Angle will be added to WWE 2K23, after missing out on the game the previous year. Posting a photo of Angle, they said;

Per Insider Despite not being in #WWE2k22 Expect Kurt Angle to be returning to the gaming franchise #WWE2k23

While the next game will not feature the showcase match against Rey Mysterio, you will be able to recreate all of Angle’s greatest matches from his career (except the ones against Chris Benoit).

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