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Hamish Woodward

Why Kurt Angle Never Had A 5 Star Match Revealed

Kurt Angle is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, but does not appear on the top of any five-star match list. The list in question used by fans to gauge match quality is a series of matches, rated by wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer. The long-time editor of the Wrestling Observer gives star ratings ...

Hamish Woodward

Hulk Hogan Hated Working With Kurt Angle In The WWE

Hulk Hogan and Kurt Angle are two of the greatest wrestlers of all time, but Hogan had a bad time wrestling against the Olympic Gold Medalist in the WWE. Speaking on Chris Jericho’s “Talk is Jericho” podcast, Hulk Hogan revealed how Chris Jericho was one of his favorite opponents ever, but that he hated wrestling ...

Hamish Woodward

Kurt Angle Is Honored By Kenny Omega’s Comments On Him

Kurt Angle has commented on Kenny Omega’s recent compliments toward him, calling his words “a complete honor”. Kenny Omega recently named Kurt Angle as one of the best wrestlers ever, claiming that he “studies” Angle when he wants to become even better in the ring. These comments were humbling toward the Olympic gold medallist, who ...

Hamish Woodward

Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar

Kurt Angle On Brock Lesnar Backstage Fight – “I Beat Him”

Kurt Angle has revealed what happened during his backstage wrestling match with Brock Lesnar, during their feud in the WWE. The pair battled numerous times in 2003 over the WWE Championship, putting on some of the best matches in WWE history. However, with their amateur wrestling backgrounds, there had long been backstage talk about who ...

Hamish Woodward

Jeff Jarrett Didn’t Steal Kurt Angle’s Wife, Star Reveals

Jeff Jarrett has revealed that he never stole his wife from Kurt Angle, and that the pair were legally separated by the time he signed for TNA. Jarrett brought Angle into the company in 2006, where he immediately became the top star in the company. Feuding with the likes of Samoa Joe and Sting, Kurt ...

Hamish Woodward

Kurt Angle Almost Wrestled Sting At WrestleMania X8

The Invasion angle in WWE is one of the biggest mess-ups in WWE history. The storyline came about after WWE purchased WCW, and should have led to a number of dream matches. However, stars like Hulk Hogan, Goldberg and Sting did not sign right away, instead sitting out their WCW contracts and collecting their monthly ...

Hamish Woodward

Kurt Angle Pitches Heel Run With Chad Gable In The WWE

Kurt Angle wants to work with Chad Gable in the WWE, revealing his desire to work with his fellow Olympic wrestler. Angle was famous for winning the Olympic gold medal in wrestling in the 1996 Olympics, while Chad Gable was unsuccessful after travelling to London 2012. The pair did not have much chance to work ...

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