Kurt Angle Pitches Heel Run With Chad Gable In The WWE

Kurt Angle wants to work with Chad Gable in the WWE, revealing his desire to work with his fellow Olympic wrestler.

Angle was famous for winning the Olympic gold medal in wrestling in the 1996 Olympics, while Chad Gable was unsuccessful after travelling to London 2012.

The pair did not have much chance to work together in the WWE, wrestling together only once, toward the end of Angle’s career.

Kurt Angle previously revealed that Chad Gable was meant to be revealed as his son in the WWE, a position that later was given to his tag team partner, Jason Jordan.

Jordan was meant to retire Angle, although due to an injury that ended his career, that honour went to Baron Corbin, in a disappointing match at WrestleMania 35.

However, the WWE Hall of Famer has recently spoken about Chad Gable, and pitched a heel turn for him to work with his fellow Olympian in the WWE.

Kurt Angle On Chad Gable

Chad Gable WWE

Kurt Angle has revealed that he wants to turn heel and work with Chad Gable in the WWE.

This would be the first time he had gone heel since leaving the company in 2006, something which would be difficult to do for such a legend in the ring.

During the latest edition of “The Kurt Angle Show,” the Hall of Famer expressed his hopes to one day work with Chad Gable, with Angle being a big fan of the former Olympic wrestler.

He did not that it would be hard to turn heel, given his legendary status in the WWE. He compared himself to The Undertaker, who he said would be “impossible” to work heel, due to how much the fans love her.

Speaking on The Kurt Angle Show, Kurt Angle said this about working with Chad Gable.

“I would love to be a heel with Chad Gable. He’s so entertaining. The two of us together would be unstoppable.

When you get older, people start having sympathy for you and they wanna cheer you on, they want you to win and it’s really hard to turn heel later on in your career.

Like Undertaker, look at him. He has so much respect. He’s been in the company for 30 years and all his accomplishments. You know how hard it would be for Undertaker to be a heel right now? It’s almost impossible and I think I’m comparable to that.”

Kurt Angle Was Offered Chance To Wrestle In AEW

Kurt Angle AEW
Kurt Angle AEW

The former WWE Champion was offered the chance to wrestle for All Elite Wrestling, early on in the company’s history.

AEW President Tony Khan was keen to see Kurt Angle in AEW, and was disappointed that Angle turned down the chance to join the company.

“Yes, they offered me a couple of different contracts,” Angle revealed in an interview with Wrestling Inc.

“I turned it down for personal reasons, but Tony Khan’s been really nice to me, very generous, and I really appreciate his interest in having me there. But at this particular time, I can’t do it.”

“The first offer, they wanted me to have many matches,” Angle added. “The next offer, I think, was three matches, and then one was just an on-camera personality, no wrestling.” Angle added.

He was also offered the chance to work as a trainer in NXT, which Angle turned down. You can read more about that by clicking the link below.

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