Sammy Guevara’s Finisher Is One Of The Best In AEW

Many people have been talking about Sammy Guevara‘s finisher in recent weeks, in the build up to his clash with MJF at Double or Nothing 2023.

The protégée of Chris Jericho has used a number of insane moves over the years.

In a recent bout with Jungle Boy on AEW Dynamite, he hit Kotaro Suzuki’s Super Finisher “Mass Driver”, which would have been an incredible finisher for him to use going forward.

However, Sammy Guevara already has some of the best finishing moves in AEW, which we will talk about in the article below.

Sammy Guevara’s Finisher

Sammy Guevara has one of the best finishers in AEW, paying tribute to an all-time great wrestler in WWE and AEW.

The Spanish God has used a series of different moves in AEW to win matches, although move stands out as his “finisher”.

Sammy Guevara’s finisher in AEW is the GTH.

GTH stands for “Go To Hell”, although others have claimed that it stands for “Go To Hospital”. The move takes inspiration from CM Punk’s “Go To Sleep”, which itself was innovated by Japanese star KENTA.

It takes the basis of the GTS, which places the opponent in a fireman’s carry, before dropping them, and a rising knee slams into their face.

For Sammy Guevara’s GTH, he flips the opponent the other way around, holding them in the position for an Argentine backbreaker.

He then drops them, rising the knee to clobber them in the back of the head. The move looks a lot harder to control, and therefore much more dangerous to look at when he does hit it.

Given Sammy Guevara’s relative lack of size, it looks clunky when he tries to lift bigger opponents on his shoulder.

His finisher looks awkward, given his penchant for high-flying and eye-catching moves. For me, the finishing move is not a good fit for Sammy Guevara.

He does have another finishing move that fit him a lot better, although carries a bigger risk to the wrestler himself.

The second move he has regularly used to end matches is the 630 senton splash. With this, he jumps off the top rope, doing 1.75 turns in the air and landing, back-first, onto a prone opponent on the floor.

The margin of error for this move is miniscule, because one slight overturn can see Guevara land on his neck, risking paralysis and a broken neck.

However, he has shown he can consistently hit the 630 Senton, so this would be my pick for Sammy Guevara’s finisher going forward.

We also can’t exit this post without a look at his incredible springboard cutter off a ladder, that he used in Cody Rhodes’ last match in AEW.

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