Jeff Hardy revealed as first guest on Matt Hardy’s new Podcast “The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy”

Jeff Hardy has been announced as the first guest on his brother Matt Hardy’s new podcast, entitled “The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy”.

In a tweet from Matt Hardy, he revealed Jeff Hardy as the first guest on his new show, after Jeff was shockingly fired from his WWE contract late last year. He walked out on a house show match on the 4th of December 2021, with some theorising that it was due to drug or alcohol issues.

Both Jeff and Matt have denied those accusations, with an drug test taken by Jeff Hardy is alleged to have return negative to all substances. Jeff has struggled with substance abuse issues for years, and was fired after refusing to go to rehab when told to by WWE.

Jeff Hardy has previously had troubles in the ring with substances. The most often-cited and most infamous is his match with Sting at TNA Victory Road 2011. Hardy came to the ring completely off his head, stumbling around the ring and pretending to throw his shirt into the crowd for a good five minutes. Eric Bischoff came out to keep the piece, telling Sting to pin him quickly and win, which he did.

The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy

Whilst the podcast is named “The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy”, it is likely to delve deep into the lives of both Matt and Jeff in the first episode.

Both men have wrestled in WWE, TNA and now AEW for almost 25 years and have a wealth of experience and stories to draw on. Coupled with the brotherly chemistry they always seem to have, it is sure to be an entertaining podcast featuring the two brothers.

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