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Hamish Woodward

Matt Hardy vs Sammy Guevara Was The Worst Match In AEW History

Coming it at a rating of just 0.55 out of 10 and getting the award for the worst match in AEW history was the calamitous “Broken Rules” match between Sammy Guevara and Matt Hardy. The match somehow lost the “Worst Match of the Year” award to a terrible Braun Strowman vs The Fiend match, but ...

Hamish Woodward

The Real Reason Why Matt Hardy Left WWE, Revealed

Matt Hardy left WWE to sign for WWE in 2020, ending a three-year run on his return to the company. As one half of The Hardy Boyz, Matt Hardy spent the best part of two decades in WWE, perform in a wide variety of roles. Whether it be his ECW Championship run, his real-life feud ...

Hamish Woodward

Matt Hardy Wishes He Didn’t Debut As Broken In AEW

Matt Hardy revealed he wished his AEW debut wasn’t as “Broken” Matt Hardy, due to the lack of fans in attendance. The former ECW Champion debuted for AEW in March 2020, shortly after being released from the WWE. This happened on the same episode of AEW Dynamite as Brodie Lee’s debut, although neither man appeared ...

Hamish Woodward

Triple H Wanted Broken Matt Hardy To Wrestle In NXT

Matt Hardy has revealed that Triple H offered him a role in NXT, before signing for AEW. The WWE legend had a mixed run in his return to the WWE. He and his brother Jeff made an incredible return at WrestleMania 33, appearing as surprise opponents in the tag team ladder match. They won the ...

Stewart Harper

Why did Edge Retire from injury

Edge Reveals Hating Matt Hardy Storyline With Lita

In 2005 one of the biggest scandals in wrestling played out in front of our very eyes on TV. He feud between Matt Hardy and Edge over the latter’s affair with Lita was one of the most heated feuds in wrestling history, and for one good reason – it was real. Matt Hardy and Team ...

Hamish Woodward

The Shocking Moment Matt Hardy Turned On Jeff Hardy

One of the most intense feuds of the late 2000s was the brother vs brother feud of Jeff Hardy vs Matt Hardy. When Matt Hardy turned on Jeff Hardy in 2009, battle lines were drawn and any chance of sympathy was put on hold. The two brothers fought in increasingly bloody and brutal battles throughout ...

Hamish Woodward

Are Matt and Jeff Hardy Brothers In Real Life?

Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy are two of the most famous brothers in WWE history. But are Matt and Jeff Hardy brothers in real life? It hard to believe that wrestlers would lie about who their real-life siblings are, but The Hardy Boyz are not two of them. Matt and Jeff Hardy are brothers in ...

Hamish Woodward


Broken Matt Hardy Set For AEW Return?

Broken Matt Hardy could make it’s long awaited return to AEW in the coming weeks after teases by Matt Hardy. The former ECW Champion came in to AEW as his Broken character, but soon abandoned the gimmick after the lack of crowds due to the pandemic made the character less effective. The “Broken” Universe came ...

Hamish Woodward

jeff hardy news

Backstage News On Jeff Hardy’s Return Will Thrill AEW Fans

Recent news about AEW’s Jeff Hardy returning to the company soon may disappoint fans of the former WWE Champion. Hardy hasn’t been seen in the company since his DUI arrest back in June 2022 and Tony Khan has been quiet on when he would back on TV. PWInsider have reported that Jeff Hardy will appear ...

Hamish Woodward

vince mcmahon bullet club

Vince McMahon Wanted To Sign Bullet Club For WWE

WWE Legend and AEW star Matt Hardy revealed that disgraced WWE Chairman Vince McMahon didn’t know who Bullet Club, the legendary New Japan faction, were after seeing their T-Shirts in the crowd in WWE. The Bullet Club were founded by Prince Devitt (Finn Balor in WWE) in New Japan Pro Wrestling, as the top heel ...

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