Broken Matt Hardy Set For AEW Return?

Broken Matt Hardy could make it’s long awaited return to AEW in the coming weeks after teases by Matt Hardy. The former ECW Champion came in to AEW as his Broken character, but soon abandoned the gimmick after the lack of crowds due to the pandemic made the character less effective.

The “Broken” Universe came to be in TNA, where Hardy feuded with his brother Jeff Hardy over their last name. This culminated in the “Final Deletion” match, the first cinematic match to take the world by storm and one that revolutionised professional wrestling, whilst revitalising the career of Matt Hardy.

The match took place at Jeff Hardy’s house, and saw Matt win and force his brother to go by his middle name – naming him “Brother Nero”. The pair began to team up and won the TNA and ROH Tag Team Championships, before signing for WWE and winning the tag team titles on their debut at Wrestlemania 33.

He dropped the Broken Matt Hardy gimmick in 2021 in AEW in favour of his “Big Money Matt” character. He also reunited with Jeff Hardy in early 2022, after his release from WWE the year prior. The pair were set to become AEW Tag Team Champions, but Jeff’s DUI troubles forced Tony Khan to suspend him and put a stop to any title runs the pair have had planned.

Matt Hardy recently took to Twitter to share an old clip of “Broken Matt.” Drone footage of the Hardy Compound, and he walked out of his house.

In the video, Matt stated, “I invited all of you, the world, as well as Brother Nero, into my humble abode because this day must be documented.”. He mentioned Brother Nero, who is his brother and WWE Legend Jeff Hardy, which may indicate that he is close to return after his legal issues.

With reports that Jeff Hardy could return soon to AEW, it does look like we will be getting a fully fledged broken universe in AEW. Would you like to see the return to Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero? Let us know in the comments or click below to read about how Chris Jericho punched Shawn Michaels wife

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