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Top 10 WWE Dream Matches That Never Happened (And Probably Never Will)

Top 10 WWE Dream Matches That Never Happened (And Probably Never Will)

Ever since WCW was bought out by WWE, fans have clamoured for a number of dream matches between the two companies. Some happened, some didn’t. But there are so many matches the fans were absolutely dying for that Vince McMahon never managed to provide. The remain as dream matches in WWE that never happened. Here is my top ten list of those matches.

10. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs Goldberg

The two titan’s on each side of the Monday Night War. Both bald, goateed bad-asses with black trunks and a chip on their shoulder. Steve Austin and Bill Goldberg were the two biggest hard men in the Attitude Era, each lifting their company up to new heights.

WWE would best WCW in the Monday Night War, and had the opportunity to put on some real dream matches. One of these was Goldberg vs Steve Austin. Goldberg even challenged Austin to a match on the Jay Leno show in 1999, which came to nothing.

When WWE bought WCW in 1999, fans were in the frenzy as two which big WCW stars would face WWE’s biggest stars. Sadly for the fans, Vince McMahon didn’t buy out Goldberg’s multi-million dollar deal, so the former WCW Champion sat on the sidelines.

Goldberg would finally join the WWE in 2003, but by that time injuries had piled up and forced “The Texas Rattlesnake” to hang up his boots. We never got the famed Goldberg vs Austin match. Although Goldberg vs The Rock was the next best thing, it never lived up to that unending hype of “What if?”

The match, if it was booked, could have made the list of the best Stone Cold Steve Austin matches of all time.

9. NWO vs De-Generation X

The battle of the 1990s is encapsulated by the New World Order vs De-Generation X. The two warring factions ran roughshod over WCW and WWF respectively in the late 1990s, and fans were clamouring to see Triple H, Shawn Michaels and co. take on the menacing NWO.

There was never enough crossover for the two teams to face each other. Injuries to Triple H, Shawn Michaels and Kevin Nash made sure the stars never aligned for the teams to face off.

The two teams did have one moment together, as the NWO ran in to help Sting in his match against Triple H at Wrestlemania 31. It was the closest we got to NWO vs DX, and was an all time great Wrestlemania moment.