Who Should Induct John Cena Into The WWE Hall of Fame?

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that when his career is over, John Cena will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. He is currently the biggest name (outside of The Rock) yet to be inducted, but it is only a matter of time. John Cena is not in the Hall of Fame yet, but is sure to be inducted, possibly as early as 2023 before Wrestlemania 39.

The career of John Cena started slow, with the star even almost being fired early on in his career. However, he reinvented himself with his “rapper”- gimmick and found a new lease on life. He quickly grew in popularity and engaged in feuds with top stars, like The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar, very early in his WWE run.

He would eventually drop the rapping and that is where his career would take off. Accolades would soon follow, with Cena defeating JBL at Wrestlemania 21 to win his first WWE Championship. This started a long, title-filled career which would have no equal in WWE.

Wrestlemania saw the first of a record-equalling 16 World Championships. He went on to win the most world championships in WWE history, with only Ric Flair matching him for the number of Heavyweight titles acquired. During this run he became the most popular star in wrestling, taking over the mantel left by The Rock and Steve Austin by carrying the company on his back during a dark time in WWE.

He won a number of other titles in his WWE run, including the tag team championship and the United States championship. He has challenged for the WWE Universal Championship, but lost to Roman Reigns at last years Summerslam, failing to win the title.

Nobody in wrestling history can match him for gold. However, it is his connection to the crowd that has made John Cena a guaranteed Hall of Fame headliner in WWE. He held an incredible connection to the crowd, who either loved him with all their heart or hated him with all their might. Regardless of their affiliation toward The Champ, the turned up every week for Raw and cheered (or booed) louder for Cena than any other wrestler.

One thing that is missing for his Hall of Fame induction is the man to induct John Cena. In his career, a number of men have shared their best moments in the ring and have helped Cena become a hero in the eyes of the fans.

Who will induct John Cena into the WWE Hall of Fame? Lets look at his greatest friends and rivals and decide who could be the right person to give a moving speech to send him off into the halls of immortality and inducts him into the Hall of Fame.

Who will induct John Cena into the WWE Hall of Fame?

There are a number of former and current WWE Superstars who could be considered to induct John Cena into the Hall of Fame. He has had a number of memorable opponents who have helped define his generation of WWE. Each one would thoroughly deserve the induction and could give an incredible speech about the man behind the character of “WWE Superstar John Cena”.

Randy Orton and John Cena have had their careers intertwined since the word go. While Cena was the top face on Raw, Orton at his peak was his opposite as the dastardly heel The Champ had to combat with. The pair fought in numerous (some say too many) matches for various championships, including the main event of Wrestlemania 24.

Orton still has years left of his career, so there is a chance of one final match between the two. They last battled in 2015 in a Hell in a Cell match, so one final match between the two would be welcomed by nostalgic Ruthless Aggression-era fans.

The fact they have faced off so many times and fought an ungodly amount means that Orton knows John Cena more than anyone else in the ring. He is the most likely man to induct him into the Hall of Fame and would give a welcomed speech in front of their friends, family, peers and fans.


Edge is considered one of John Cena’s biggest rivals and had some intense matches with the then-WWE Champion during his first reign with the title. Together they had one of the great WWE moments when Edge cashed in his Money in the Bank contract – the first man to ever do so – to win his first WWE Championship and ignite a rivalry which lives long in the memory of fans.

Edge recently came out of retirement in WWE, so would be a perfect pick to induct Cena in the Hall of Fame. The two shared the ring for the best part of the decade and were the biggest stars of that era. To see them reunite during the induction ceremony would be a welcome sight and one that would excite fans and have them begging for one more match.

JBL was the man who lost his WWE Championship to Cena at Wrestlemania 21, marking the start of The Champs long road to the top oft he WWE mountain. He could speak about seeing Cena come up as a rookie, then a rapper and finally a top star who toppled JBL himself. While he may not be the first choice, he is an outside option for the honour.

Vince McMahon may be a big outside shot at the moment. after his retirement in disgrace. With Triple H in charge, we may not see Vince McMahon appear at the Hall of Fame until his own induction. However, he could make the exception to honour one of the all-time greats and give Cena his plaudits at the end of an incredible career

CM Punk currently wrestles for AEW so sis unlikely to appear at the Hall of Fame. However, as one of Cena’s greatest opponents he would certainly be on the list of superstars to be considered for the induction speech

The Rock is currently out of WWE but his last memorable matches came against John Cena. He is a huge star and would be welcomed back by WWE for the Hall of Fame induction, but only if his busy schedule allows. If he does wrestle Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania he should be free to induct his former rival, or even receive an induction himself.

In an interview with UnSKripted, John Cena Sr. (the father of the former WWE Champion) gave his own view on who should induct his son into the WWE Hall of Fame. His first thought was that Vince McMahon would be a good choice, but also mused upon The Rock or even himself to induct John Cena into the WWE Hall of Fame.

“Maybe it’s gonna be soon, maybe it’s gonna be later. When he gets inducted into the Hall of Fame who should induct him and why? I would probably think it might be Vince McMahon. That would be a good choice. The Rock might be another good choice. Or (points at himself) J-Fab.”

Who do you think should induct John Cena into the WWE Hall of Fame? Let us know in the comments or click below to read more about how John Cena ruined Alex Riley’s WWE career

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  1. Kurt Angle, because it was his short promo against Kurt that he announced “Ruthless Aggression”. Also, that was his first big break. That means it was Kurt who first put John Cena over as the future of the company. That was his first big taste of the big times. It would mean Cena’s career would have come full circle.


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