Kurt Angle on last match in WWE – “It Does Hurt”

Kurt Angle‘s last match in WWE took place at Wrestlemania 35. Kurt Angle took on Baron Corbin in a short, disappointing match that saw him get pinned by The Lone Wolf after being hit by the End of Days. It was a sad end to a great career for Kurt Angle, who had a number of matches on the run up to Wrestlemania faced some dream opponents like Chad Gable and Rey Mysterio.

Kurt Angle’s last match lasted just 6 minutes before he was put away by Baron Corbin. Fans had been clamouring to see Kurt Angle vs John Cena in Angle’s final bout, but fans were disappointed to see him being paired against perennial mid-carder Baron Corbin.

Even worse than that was the position on the card that Kurt Angle’s retirement match was given. The match vs Corbin was placed third from the end of the card, just after the 25 minute Batista vs Triple H match, and before the main event of Becky Lynch vs Ronda Rousey vs Charlotte Flair.

However, it was not just fans who were let down by the match and the card.

Kurt Angle was too.

Kurt Angle’s Last Match

Kurt Angle talked about his last match on an episode of The Kurt Angle Show. Kurt Angle admitted that “it does hurt” when he found out that his match 14th on the card, and only given a fraction of the time of other matches like Triple H vs Batista.

“It does hurt, but, like I said before, you understand your role in the company at that time. You understand the position of your match, you know, they were a featured match, and if they wanted more time, they were going to get it; and obviously, they were going to cut my time. That’s just the way it is, and that’s the way it will continue to be.”

However, Kurt Angle did understand the nature of WWE, and realised why his time was cut and why his match was put on in the spot it was. However, it is still disappointing that Kurt Angle’s last match was against Baron Corbin and lasted only 6 minutes.

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