Mr. Kennedy Returning To WWE As A Manager? (Royal Rumble Return?)

Hamish Woodward

Mr Kennedy WWE return

Former Mr Money in the Bank Ken Anderson (better known in WWE as Mr Kennedy) could be making a shock return to WWE as a manager, if he gets his wish. The former TNA Champion was a top star in the making in WWE, before a long-term injury and backstage heat with a WWE legend caused him to get fired from the company.

He was a main event level superstar in TNA, but he soon fell down the totem pole as personal issues got in the way of a potential run as the top heel in the company was scuppered. He has kept out of the limelight since then, taking an extended hiatus from wrestling since 2019 and focusing on his own wrestling.

However, a WWE return for Mr Kennedy could be sooner than fans think, with WWE stars dropping like flies due to injury and the main event looking as bare as ever. A short term return for the Loud Mouth from Green Bay could be on the cards and would be a delight for fans of WWE in the mid-2000s.

Mr Kennedy Would Be Happy To Return To WWE As A Manager

What Happened To Mr Kennedy?
What Happened To Mr Kennedy? Why did WWE fire the former Mr Money In The Bank

In an interview on Insight with Chris Van Vilet, Mr Kennedy spoke about his return to wrestling after a long hiatus. He decided to take a break from wrestling in 2019, with his last appearances in wrestling being with Billy Corgan’s “NWA”, as Mr Anderson.

“I’m really starting to get back into it,” he said. “I have so many great students, they’re sort of feuding that passion for me again … I plan on taking more bookings coming up here. I’m not done, for sure.”

With the reveal that Mr Kennedy is returning to wrestling, many will have wondered if that includes stepping foot inside a WWE ring one more time. It has been 13 years since we’ve seen Mr Kennedy wrestle for WWE, although his future could lie on the microphone and outside of wrestling.

Mr Kennedy was a top star in TNA but could stay out of the ring in his WWE return

Van Vilet suggested to Kennedy that he could be a manager in WWE, rather than wrestling. He was always famed more for his mic skills than his in-ring talent and was one of the top talkers in his day (even famously doing his own ring announcement)

When Van Vliet suggested Anderson’s mic skills might serve him well as a manger, potentially in WWE, Anderson replied that he “would like something like that, for sure.”

He Could Follow In the Footsteps of MVP With A Royal Rumble Return

Mr Kennedy could emulate MVP in becoming a manager to a top star in WWE

WWE stars of the era have previously made appearances in the WWE Royal Rumble. Carlito made his long awaited return to the WWE in the famous match, which followed with a match on Raw before leaving the company again.

Another star of the era was MVP, the former United States Champion who was another “lost generation” member who failed to hit the heights promised of him. He was released by WWE in 2010, and returned 10 years later as a surprise entrant in the 2020 Royal Rumble match. MVP was quickly eliminated by Brock Lesnar, but could have formed the blueprint for Mr Kennedy’s WWE return in the future.

MVP barely wrestled these past two years, but instead worked mainly as a manager for Bobby Lashley. His microphone helped elevate Lashley to new heights, including being one of the few black wrestlers to win the WWE Championship. Mr. Kenndy could use his microphone skills to help elevate other young talent, like Chad Gable or Dominik Mysterio, to new heights in WWE.

For Mr Kennedy to come back to WWE in 2022 would be a huge move for the former Mr Money in the Bank. He hasn’t appeared for thirteen years and is somewhat of a forgotten man in the history of WWE.

He was the first Money in the Bank winner to not cash in his title, as he lost the belt to Edge due to injury. Sadly, the injury was later revealed to not be as severe as first thought and he could have kept the briefcase as first planned.

Whilst he chance at being WWE Champion may be over, now he is 46 and winding down by running his own wrestling school, he still has a lot to contribute. WWE is missing some veterans in the locker room to help younger talent, especially those who have shared locker rooms with legends like The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Jim Duggan, Hulk Hogan, John Cena and many, many more.

Would you like to see a Mr Kennedy WWE comeback? Let us know in the comments and who you think he should manage if he returns to WWE as a manager in the near future.

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