WWE Announces NXT Europe To Launch in 2023

Hamish Woodward


Today WWE announced NXT Europe to launch a touring development brand in 2023. It follows NXT and NXT UK as part of the NXT family.

WWE’s press release, found here, is a follows

“WWE announced today that the NXT brand will grow internationally with the creation of an all-new NXT Europe, with the launch planned for 2023.

“Following the success of our live events and talent identification efforts throughout all of Europe, we believe this is the perfect time to expand NXT beyond the UK,” said Shawn Michaels, WWE Vice President of Talent Development Creative.

Launched in 2016, NXT UK has received critical acclaim and developed WWE main roster talent such as Rhea RipleyDoudropGunther and Butch. NXT Europe will reimagine the brand and its talent pipeline with a Pan European focus.”

It is unsure what this could mean for NXT UK shutting down.

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