Ricky Steamboat’s last match showed the world “The Dragon” still had it

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ricky steamboat last match

With Ricky Steamboat turning down the chance to face Ric Flair one last time, we look back at Ricky Steamboat’s last match in his stories career.

We will look at his last match in WWE as well as the one final match he had which may have been even more special to him than any other match in his career.

Keep reading to see which match was Ricky Steamboat‘s last match.

Ricky Steamboat last WWE match

The last match in Ricky Steamboat’s WWE career was at Backlash 2009. He took on WWE legend Chris Jericho, then in the prime of his career, in a match to give the fans one last glimpse of the great Ricky Steamboat.

The pair had previously faced off at Wrestlemania 25, as part of the 3-on-1 handicap match also involving Roddy Piper and Jimmy Snuka. Chris Jericho won that bout but fans were enamoured with the incredible performance by the 56 year old Steamboat.

The Dragon and Y2J feuded after the fact and WWE booked the dream match that everybody wanted to see – Chris Jericho vs Ricky Steamboat.

Chris Jericho vs Ricky Steamboat was Steamboats last ever match in WWE. The 56 year old wowed fans during the bout, pulling off all his old spots including the classic arm drags and “skinning the cat” manoeuvre.

He turned the clock back by 25 with his performance and despite looking his age, moved like a man 10 years younger than him. Chris Jericho helped carry the former NWA Heavyweight Champion to a fantastic match and fans begged for another run from Ricky Steamboat in WWE.

Steamboat fell to Chris Jericho, tapping out to the Walls of Jericho after a fantastic 15 minute bout. After the bout, he reverted back to his previous role as a producer for WWE, making his bout with Chris Jericho his last match inside a WWE ring.

However, Ricky Steamboat’s last match in his career wouldn’t come until a year later, and would involve him teaming with own son in a farewell match…

Ricky Steamboat and his son

Ricky Steamboat’s last match of his career came a year after his battle with Chris Jericho, in 2010. Aged 57, Steamboat came out of retirement for a final time to team with his son Richie Steamboat.

The pair wrestled together as a tag team on FCW Fathers Day Salute in 2010, a fitting show for Steamboat to team with his son. They took on The Dudebusters, the team of Caylen Croft and Trent Barretta. Interestingly enough, the pair would also be a part of Dusty Rhodes last match as well as Ricky Steamboat’s.

The team of Ricky and Richie Steamboat won the match and send Ricky Steamboat out of the wrestling business with a victory.

Ricky Steamboat wrestled one last match in 2022, teaming with FTR to take on the trio of Brock Anderson, Jay Lethal and Nick Aldis.

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