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the american nightmare

Cody Rhodes reveals why he’s called the American Nightmare

In a recently uncovered edition of the WWE Magazine from 2008, fans have discovered who coined the nickname The American ...

Hamish Woodward

Father and son wrestlers who won the world championship in their career

There are a number of sons who joined their fathers in the wrestling business, but only a select few of ...

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The Last Texas Bullrope Match In WWE Featured Dusty Rhodes & Randy Orton

With news that Cody Rhodes will face Brock Lesnar in a Texas Bullrope match at Summerslam, we look back at ...

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dusty rhodes last match

Dusty Rhodes Nearly Became WWE Champion In 1977

While Dusty Rhodes is one of the biggest legends in wrestling history, he never managed to win the coveted WWE ...

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The Time Dusty Rhodes Teamed With Vader In TNA

Over the years in wrestling, there have been a number of matches featuring wrestlers that you cannot believe ever happened. ...

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Paul Heyman On How Steve Austin Got His Push In WCW

Steve Austin first cut his teeth in WCW as a member of the Dangerous Alliance, but it was Paul Heyman ...

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cody rhodes last aew match

Cody Rhodes’ last AEW match is one of the greatest matches ever

Cody Rhodes‘ last AEW match made sure that the fans in the company were going to miss him when he ...

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Tommy Dreamer Claims Dusty Rhodes “Was My Idol”

If there were ever two legends in wrestling who were so different, yet so similar, it would be Tommy Dreamer ...

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Hulk Hogan Claims Dusty Rhodes Was His Childhood Hero

Hulk Hogan is known to stretch the truth quite a lot, especially in recent years. The WWE Hall of Famer ...

Stewart Harper
Cody Rhodes battling his inner demons as Stardust against his brother Goldust

Are Cody Rhodes and Dustin Rhodes Brothers In Real Life?

Cody and Dustin Rhodes are two of the most accomplished and respected wrestlers in the industry today. Both sons of ...

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Dusty Rhodes’ Polka Dots “Wasn’t A Rib” Says Cody

When Dusty Rhodes wore yellow polka dots in the WWE, fans were livid. The hero of the people in the ...

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The Dusty Rhodes “Hard Times” Promo Transcript

Dusty Rhodes made history when he cut the promo of a lifetime on the build up to Starrcade 1985. After ...

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