WWE Offer Stone Cold Steve Austin One More Match For Wrestlemania 39

Hamish Woodward

Stone Cold Steve Austin Return

Recent reports reveal that WWE have offered “Stone Cold” Steve Austin a contract for one more match. This has been since Triple H has taken over, implying that the new regime is just as keep on a return for the Texas Rattlesnake than the old one.

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select has revealed that “WWE offered Stone Cold Steve Austin another match since the regime change happened”, and it looks like we could see him return for one more match at next years Wrestlemania.

Steve Austin open to another match

Stone Cold Steve Austin is “open” to another match in WWE, according to Wrestlevotes. The WWE Hall of Famer wrestled his first match in 19 years at Wrestlemania 38, when he defeated Kevin Owens in an impromptu match that main evented night 1 of the show.

The match was a No Holds Barred Match, which featured some excellent brawling action. Neither men held back, with the 59 year old Texas Rattlesnake even taking a suplex onto the concrete floor, in a brazen act of stupidity for his spine, but an incredible moment for the fans. The match was one of the most fun of the entire weekend, with fans getting to see their childhood hero pick up the win in a match they never expected to see.

While it seemed like the match was a one-and-done, recent information has come out that fans will be thrilled about. WrestleVotes have revealed through an unnamed source that Steve Austin would be “open to doing it again”, in reference to his match with Owens at Wrestlemania 38. WWE sold a huge number of tickets on the rumour of him wrestling a match at the event, and his main event match against Canadian star Kevin Owens was most people’s favourite match of the weekend

Revealed in a tweet, Louis Dangoor revealed that WrestleVotes have told GiveMeSport:

So I know he was thrilled post-WrestleMania. And I’d say he was open to doing it again.”

They then added to it, by saying “I’ll follow up on this, source believes Austin would definitely listen to any proposal for this years Mania. Me, nor the rest of the world, knows what his answer would be however.”

So, while it isn’t confirmed, it looks like Steve Austin could wrestle again at next years Wrestlemania. While many thought that he would be gearing up for a big payday for a Saudi Arabia show, like fellow legends like Kane, Shawn Michaels and Undertaker came out of retirement for, it appears he would rather continue his legacy with another excellent match at Wrestlemania.

With a whole year to train and plan, his next match could be even better than his bout with Kevin Owens. We could see the rematch next year, with Owens getting his win back against the Texan Superstar. Other potential opponents could see Cody Rhodes take on Steve Austin, or even have a returning CM Punk face off with the Texas Rattlesnake in a dream match that was teased back in 2012.

The most likely match is going to be a rematch with Kevin Owens, but there are so many dream matches Stone Cold Steve Austin could be a part of if he were to return for another match at Wrestlemania.

Who would you like to see Steve Austin wrestle in his second return? Let us know in the comments or click below to read about the potential CM Punk vs Steve Austin match


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