Stone Cold Steve Austin set for WWE return at Wrestlemania 38

Stone Cold Steve Austin is one of the biggest stars in WWE history. The Texas Rattlesnake wowed crowds during WWE’s busiest periods, the Attitude Era. During the late 1990s, he dominated the WWE, winning multiple WWE Championships and stunning everyone in sight. He was the main focus of the show and his feud with Mr McMahon was one of the greatest rivalries of all time.

Fans will be excited to here that Stone Cold Steve Austin will be making his big return to WWE at Wrestlemania. Wrestle 38, the next iteration of the legendary event, will be taking place in Austin’s hometown of Texas. It will be held at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington Texas, and will feature the return of Stone Cold Steve Austin as part of the show.

Sadly for big fans of the Texas Rattlesnake, the role will not include a return to the thing. Steve Austin retired in 2003, and having just turned 57 this past week, is unlikely to ever return to wrestling again.

He has claimed, in podcast interviews and on his WWE Network show “Broken Skull Sessions” that he is all healed up and would be able to wrestle one more match, but does not feel the need to just to have one more match.

Steve Austin vs CM Punk

Rumours were swirling back in 2012 that Austin would return for a match against CM Punk. Punk was one of the most popular wrestlers during that time, with his “Pipe Bomb” promo bringing back many lapsed fans to the product.

Both men who the anti-establishment ass kickers and two of the best wrestlers on the mic of all time, so the feud would basically write itself if you gave those two men a microphone.

With John Cena vs The Rock as the headline match of the event, it made sense to bring back the two biggest stars of the attitude era for a blockbuster Wrestlemania 28. Sadly, the match never materialised, with us getting but a glimpse of a potential feud between the two former WWE Champions with a promotional video for WWE 2K13.

It was one of the dream matches in WWE that never happened.

Hopefully WWE can convince Austin to come back for one more match, but in all likelihood he is done for good in the ring. If he would not come back for the millions of dollars that Shawn Michaels was paid for to be in one of the worst WWE matches of 2021, then nothing can.

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