The New Match Types In WWE 2K23 That We Need To Play

WWE 2K23 has been confirmed to return next year, and with it could be a huge number of new match types for fans to sink their teeth into.

Variety is key in a pro wrestling video game and there’s no better way to ensure players never get bored than to include as many fun and exciting match types as they possibly can. A huge number have been removed from the series over the year and could see a return in next years edition of the hit video game.

We’ve put together a list of all the new match types we’d love to see and think could be included as part of WWE 2K23. Let us know which ones you’d like to see and what ones we missed in our list.

WWE 2K23 New Match Types

War Games

Making it’s debut on the WWE main roster at Survivor Series 2022, War Games blew people’s minds with the incredible action inside a very unique setting. 10 men (or women!) were trapped inside a cage and wrestled inside not one, but TWO rings in one of the biggest action set pieces in wrestling history.

The War Games match has never featured in a WWE video game. However, it has been a number of years since it first appeared in the company, in the developmental brand NXT, and could be the perfect time to use it as a brand new match type for WWE 2K23

Punjabi Prison Match

Despite first debuting in 2006, the Punjabi Prison could make it’s first ever video game appearance if it is included in WWE 2K23. The Great Khali-inspired match last took place in 2017, when Jinder Mahal defeated Randy Orton to retain his WWE Championship.

While this match would be similar to a cage, it could contain more minigame elements to it, due to the three bamboo cages that surround the ring and contain a lot more tension and suspense than the usual WWE 2K23 matches

I Quit Match

The I Quit match has previously been included in WWE games but has been absent from the series for a number of years. If it were put into the new game, it would function similar to a submission match so would not have much for the dev team to do if they wanted to include this in the new game.

Championship Scramble

A one-and-done match type that fans have been longing for a return since 2008, the Championship Scramble. A five-way title match with rules that are similar to an iron man match, it was an intriguing match type that inspired the fans imagination and burrowed itself deep in their memories.

It was included in Smackdown vs Raw 2010, after making it’s debut at Unforgiven 2008. WWE put on three of the matches in once night but never revisited them. This would be a great new match type for WWE 2K23 and would be well received for fans of the WWE during that time to add to their custom retro universe modes.

Special Guest Referee

Removed some years ago, this match would be a simple one to add. Simply replace the referees model with a WWE wrestler of your choice, maybe even with a custom attire with a refs shirt to add to the realism. A long requested return for the series should be a day one addition for the next instalment in the series.

Inferno Match

A fun match that, once again was removed from the series, it is a signaure match type of WWE Hall of Famer Kane. The goal is to set your opponent on fire to win the match and is one of the most brutal matches in WWE history.

While the actual flame-setting may devolve into minigame territory, what better way to end a bloody feud in your universe mode than to lock the two heated rivals inside a wall of fire in the ring, with only one walking out without horrific burns to put their rivalry to bed

Buried Alive Match

The Buried Alive match is a must-have addition for WWE 2K23’s new match types. It was last included in WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2008, although a brief version of the match was included as part of the Stone Cold Steve Austin showcase mode on WWE 2K16.

Most famously involving The Undertaker, the Buried Alive match is the most deadly match of all. Two (or four, once) wrestlers battle it out in a bid to throw their opponent into an empty grave, before filling it with dirt from a nearby digger. We haven’t seen a wrestler compete in the match since 2010, but with The Undertaker retiring in 2022, what better way to honour the legend than to include his signature match in the next game.

Casket Match

Speaking of The Undertaker’s signature matches, the casket match could return in WWE 2K23. The mechanics would be similar to the Buried Alive match and would bring a varied stipulation for the next game in the critically acclaimed series of wrestling games.

Traditional Survivor Series Match

One final match type that has been crucially missing from the WWE 2K game series is one of the oldest matches in WWE history. The elimination Survivor Series match first debuted in 1988 and has continued every since, yet is nowhere to be found in the WWE 2K game series.

The main issue with the five on five elimination match is the processing power required to have all 10 men on screen at once. However, with the power of consoles increasing regularly, there is no better time for the developers to include the Traditional Survivor Series match in WWE 2K23 as a new match type.

Which match would you like to see as a WWE 2K23 new match type? Let us know what you think or click below to read about how to unlock Logan Paul in WWE 2K22

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    1. Punjabi Prison match
    2. I Quit Match
    3. Champinship scramble match
    4. Spceial Guest Referee
    5. Inferno Match
    6. Buried Alive Match
    7. Casket Match
    8. Traditional Survivor Series Match


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