Can You Unlock Cody Rhodes In WWE 2K22?

EDIT: WWE 2K22 developers want to put Cody Rhodes in WWE 2K22 but faced issues with creating his character. You can read more about it here

When Cody Rhodes left AEW and made his WWE return at Wrestlemania 38, WWE 2K22 fans were left scratching their heads – will Cody Rhodes be in WWE 2K22?

With a whole host of DLC characters including Umaga, Rob Van Dam, Cactus Jack and even celebrities like Machine Gun Kelly and Logan Paul, WWE 2K22 has the most diverse and complete rosters in WWE games history.

However, with the ever expanding roster with all manner of stars from inside WWE and out, when will Cody Rhodes be in WWE 2K22? Will Cody Rhodes be added to WWE 2K22 at all?

Will there be Cody Rhodes DLC in WWE 2K22?

Will Cody Rhodes be in WWE 2K22?

is cody rhodes in WWE 2K22

Cody Rhodes made waves in the wrestling world when he was a surprise return during Wrestlemania 38. He answered Seth Rollins open challenge and in the match of the night pinned the former WWE Champion for his first win after 6 years away from WWE.

Over that time, Cody Rhodes built a name for himself in ROH, NJPW and of course in AEW. This had fans clamouring for his return and hoping that they could see Cody Rhodes in WWE 2K22 in the near future.

However, answering the question of Cody Rhodes being in WWE 2K22 is one that is uncertain, although one that we can make fair assumptions based on previous instalments of the WWE 2K franchise.

WWE 2K22 has a host of DLC characters announced as upcoming parts of the roster. However, it takes as much work as making the main roster characters as it does crafting these new ones, so it would be a while for Cody Rhodes to be added to WWE 2K22 after all the DLC is created.

WWE 2K22 Cody Rhodes DLC

Looking at this, it looks like Cody Rhodes wont be in WWE 2K22. He joined after the game was already released and that usually means that he has missed the cut-off for inclusion in the game.

In the past, already debuted superstars have missed out on being part of the game. For example, The Shield debuted in November 2012, but were not included in the WWE 13 video game. By the time the next instalment was released they were champion in WWE and some of the top stars in wrestling, but fans could still not play with them as they missed the cut-off.

It’s likely that the same issue has arisen for Cody Rhodes.

However, it is assumed that Cody Rhodes is part of the roster for WWE 2K22. As one of the companies biggest stars he will be a key part of the roster and even has a chance to make it as the WWE 2K22 cover star.

However, it is not impossible that he could be a surprise added superstar as a free DLC in the near future.

Luckily for fans of The American Nightmare, players can download a community created version of Cody Rhodes in WWE 2K22 from the WWE 2K22 Community Creations.

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