The Undertaker reveals origins of his Old School move

The Undertaker has revealed where he got the inspiration for his famous signature move “Old School”, in a recent interview.

The Undertaker is set to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year at Wrestlemania, putting the lid on a 32 year career in WWE as the legendary Deadman. In the run up to his historic induction, The Undertaker has been doing the rounds with the press, promoting his WWE hall of fame induction by Vince McMahon and Wrestlemania 38.

He appeared on the True Geordie podcast, speaking with Brian about a number of moments in his career, like his start with Paul Bearer, his run as the head of the Ministry of Darkness and his reinvention as the American Badass.

One thing he did discuss was one of his famous moves, Old School. Old School involves him twisting the arm of his opponent, before climbing to the top rope and waking across the ring ropes, showing incredible balance and poise for a man of 6 foot 10.

However, the move was not a complete The Undertaker creation. On the True Geordie Podcast, The Undertaker revealed which wrestler he took the move from, after they had retired.

I borrowed that (The Old School move) from Don Jardine. He wrestled under the name “The Spoiler”. I wrestled him very early on in my career. When he retired, I said “That’s mine! I’m taking that”.But you’re right. I was just trying to be different and trying to present something that just hadn’t been done yet in the wrestling world.”

The Undertaker on his Old School move

The Undertaker’s Old School is one of the most famous signature moves and wrestling, and whilst many have tried to recreate it, there is a certain magic seeing a man who stands nearly 7 foot tall walking the top rope like a cruiserweight wrestler.

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