Why did WWE fire Enzo Amore? (True Reason Revealed)

On January 23, 2018, WWE fired Enzo Amore. This came as a huge shock as he was the reigning WWE Cruiserweight Champion and one of the biggest stars in the entire company.

Enzo Amore was the best on the microphone in WWE, bar none. His promos were legendary and made fans have to watch him, even if his actual wrestling matches were generally sub par.

At first, WWE covered up for his inadequacies inside the ring by partnering him with Big Cass. Cass was 7 foot tall and an imposing figure in the ring. They were a perfect team, with Enzo Amore getting beaten up in the ring then hitting Big Cass with the hot tag to clean house.

It was the perfect combination. Fans went to watch their matches due to Enzo skills at hyping up the match with their opponents, and they went away thinking both men were stars based on how they both complimented each other in the ring.

Enzo and Big Cass were set to become WWE Tag Team Champions at Wrestlemania 34, but the plan was changed when the Hardy Boys made their long awaited return to WWE to claim the belts instead.

The duo never won gold together. Soon after, Big Cass turned on Enzo and the pair went their separate ways.

Enzo Amore went on to become a star of the Cruiserweight division, holding the Cruiserweight Championship until the day he was fired from WWE.

But why did WWE fire Enzo Amore? He was at the top of his game and one of the biggest names in the company.

The true story is shocking.

Why did WWE fire Enzo Amore?

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On January 22, 2018, WWE held a special edition of WWE Monday Night Raw. For the 25th Anniversary of Raw, RAW 25 was held as a special edition of the show to pay tribute to past 25 years of WWE’s Monday night show.

Enzo Amore before he was fired was set to have a huge part to play in the celebration. He was supposed to take part in segments all the way through the show, interacting with multiple WWE legends and even lose his Cruiserweight Championship to “The Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase before winning it back later that night.

However, none of that was destined to happen. WWE suspended Enzo Amore just hours before the show was due to air, due to sexual assault allegations coming to light.

WWE claimed that Enzo Amore had been aware of the allegations for months and had not let WWE be privy to them. The assault was alleged to have occurred in October 2017, months before the allegations came out to the public.

WWE suspended him, but the next day Enzo Amore was fired from WWE due to these allegations. He was stripped of the cruiserweight Championship and never mentioned on WWE TV.

Enzo Amore was fired due to the WWE claiming he knew about the rape allegations against him and the impending court case but neglected to tell WWE.

However, this was not the case. According to Enzo Amore in his shoot interview with Title Match Wrestling, he found out of the allegations the day he told WWE, and fervently denied any and all charges.

To this day he denies any allegations against himself and claims they were false. However, this was never proven to be false or true in court, as the investigation was soon dropped due to an overwhelming lack of evidence on the alleged victims part.

However, despite being deemed innocent, Enzo Amore was not welcomed back to WWE with open arms. WWE continue to distance themselves from Enzo Amore after firing him in 2018. He has not appeared on WWE since then.

He did make appear in the crowd during Survivor Series 2018 to promote his new album but he was swiftly removed. He has also appeared in Ring of Honor and MLW, although is unlikely to appear again for ROH after Tony Khan’s purchase of the company.

Enzo Amore was fired for controversial reasons which in the end were not true, and he did nothing wrong. While he was rumoured to have rubbed people up the wrong way backstage, that hardly seems a fair reason to fire a champion who was one of the most popular wrestlers on the roster.

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