Top 10 Greatest WWE Entrance Music Of All Time

Hamish Woodward


Music in pro wrestling has a crucial role. It helps to build a wrestler’s character and make them more recognizable. In addition, it is an element that examines their popularity and success, among many other factors.

Without further ado, we are sure that legends such as The Rock, The Undertaker, and John Cena would not be the same without their iconic entrance music or theme songs.

In today’s blog, we will set up a list of the best 10 WWE entrance music. It is vital to mention that the list refers to entrance music used by pro-WWE wrestlers, not events or shows held by the company. 

Triple H – “The Game” 

It is not difficult to point out that the most famous entrance music of Triple H comes from Motorhead. Hard-rock vocals of Lemmy send chills down a spine. It was slightly cheesy in reality, but it got down to the point.

The Game just worked highly great. Once your year is starting riff, you know you’ll see the unparallel start walk down the ramp with a water bottle in his hand and spit water out.

I do think his attitude era track was better, but I know… I can catch some heat now, but it was more appealing.

Randy Orton – “Burn in My Light”

And the 2nd spot goes to the Burn in My Light! Randy Orton used the fantastic tune from 2004 to 2008. You might know him as a calculating and cold person.

But the Randy Orton of the past was a bit more self-centered and a cocky guy. A jovial-sounding piece was right on the money for his persona as the Legend Killer.

I still love him to enter the ring again with this music, performing his master class pose holding his arms in front of raining sparks.

John Cena – “My Time is Now”

John Cena is the most significant super start of WWE history since the Rock Deywne Johnson. His word life theme track was used when Cena came up with Thug of Thuganomics character during the early times of his career. It was an excellent fit for him. It was him and showed off he was about.

Not to mention that Cena rapped his song. Then he came again in 2005 and decided to change his entrance music. This entrance music that comes to be would be the most well-known track. My time now. If you are not a fan of WWE, if you hear that music, you’ll instantly know who music is playing.

D-Generation X – “Are You Ready” 

D-generation X was born once Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and Chyna started running roughshod over the opponent wrestlers and the power meant to keep them in line. Thanks to the legendary DX band and Chris Warren, everyone was treated to a piece of quality music that’d even rock a crowd at your local concert meet-up.

Are You Ready? 

It is such a perfect tune for a stable of pro wrestlers that went against the grain, played by their rules, and rejected the whole system meant to keep antics from disturbing the Peace. This entrance music has remained relevant for a long time amongst WWE fans and will stay that way for long times to come.

The Undertaker – “Rest in Peace”

Just killing that renowned gong and turning off the lights in the WWE arena, the excitement among the fans boosts to enormous proportions.

Rest In Peace is proof that sometimes less is much more. It’s a piece of excellent but simple entrance music in terms of concept, yet highly recognizable and atmospheric.

It’s hard to imagine Undertake without his entrance music. However, at least in Pro Wrestling, it is also hard to find another track that’d make such a big impression.

Stone Cold Steve Austin – “I Won’t Do What You Tell Me”

There’re so many aspects to Stone Cold Steve Austin that entrance music is often barely mentioned, and more time is spent on his technical skills and charisma.

There’s a reason why the sound of glass breaking is inextricably linked with Steve Austin. By itself, if given so a few insignificant wrestlers, this track would likely not make a splash when paired with him, though it has no equal.

Edge – “Metalingus”

The 7th spot goes to Edge’s entrance music. Used for 1st tie in 2004, change bridge’s Metalingus has become a classic track in WWE. in fact, the piece was picked as the greatest in WWE history by the company in 2013.

The track is a correct fit for either of his facets, whether as the face of the heel. In addition, it takes his entry to the next level of awesomeness. Indeed, an excellent track for a legend wrestler with a career full of milestones and achievements.

Chris Jericho – “Break The Walls Down”

Break The Walls down is a piece of supremely catchy entrance music that does right what an entrance track should do – excite and get the blood boiling in veins. The central fact that it fits rightly with him, his character certainly does not hurt either.

For a lifelong fan, this track is simply one of the most recognizable and most well-known hits of all time to WWE entrance music.

Kurt Angle – “Medal”

He might be one of the underrated stars ever. Kurt Angle played a goody 2 shoed kiss – ass, but it takes a much to be a legit US hero and drape yourself in the white, red, and blue and have a WWE arena full of fans boo you.

Now, it is a term of endearment, but you cannot possibly listen to this music without imaging each one chanting You Suck. That is what makes this track so great.

CM Punk –  “Cult of Personality”

It is extremely rare that WWE licenses music for their superstars. For one thing, that costs, and if your company is paying people to create music and track for them, why would they get someone else’s tune?

WWE made an exception here and got rights to living colors “Cult of Personality” for him. I’ve to admit, when I was younger, I did not much care of it,” but when I heard it within the context of Punk and everything made sense, and I grew to love it.

What do you think the best WWE Entrance Music of all time is? Let us know in the comments or click below to keep reading

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